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We open on Charlotte and Addison going through double doors at the hospital and greeting a "22-year-old pregnant female" who was found drowning and hypothermic. She's Addison's patient, who's 33 weeks along. No one knows what happened, since she was in the water when she was spotted. Charlotte says she's already in "V-tach" and has her sent to "Trauma 2." This show is so trying to be ER right now. In surgery, Sam finds a hole in the patient's heart that Addison says was never there before so it was probably from the stress of being underwater. Beeping, beeping, so Addison starts an emergency C-section. Sam tells Addison to hurry since the mom goes into cardiac arrest. Baby's out and crying. Sam: "All right, clear..." And sunny title card.

Violet and Pete wait for the elevator together in the morning, and discuss whether they're each going to "the St. Ambrose thing" tonight. Pete doesn't have a choice since William White (that's Bill Buchanan to us) is being honored and he writes Pete's checks. Violet can't handle crowds, which she guesses is just part of the crazy. Pete thinks avoiding dull speeches, big egos and drunken colleagues might not be so crazy. She asks if he's being nice to her, and he says "Maybe. A little." Also being nice? Fife, to Naomi as she looks at a microscope. He makes what I think is a joke about how he's decided it's time to clone people, but she ignores him and says she's trying to work. He says that's all she's done lately, but she says work is good and home she can't handle. Fife says he could help her with the work stuff, though he's "a little crippled" at the emotional stuff. She thanks him, and it gets a little... heated, I guess. But then Bill interrupts and gets all touchy-feely with Naomi about how her speech for him tonight will surely be "impressive as always." He wants to express his gratitude. Fife tries to rib her for sucking up to the boss, but he can clearly see there's some flirting there between Naomi and Bill and he doesn't like it.

Hospital. Addison's fondling the little baby's tiny blanket and head when Sam comes in and gives her the update on the mom, Lauren: She's sedated and needs surgery that he can't do until she's stable. Addison says the baby's lungs aren't mature enough so she's having a hard time. Addison tried to get in contact with the husband, but hasn't. Sam has to go check up on Lauren and then go back to the practice. She asks him if he'll talk to her, and he just says he'll keep her posted on Lauren. So, that's a no then? At Oceanside, Cooper's telling Dell and Violet they have to go to the ball, because "Addison's memo said!" Dell wants to play the "wife died, single parent" card, and Violet's like, "I was attacked!" That gives her carte blanche to ignore all memos. Cooper says they have to use big, gaudy events like this to move on with their lives. He's saying he'd like to forget about the past right as Charlotte walks in, and she asks if he'll ever grow up. Sam comes in and Cooper asks him to fill Violet and Dell in on the ball being a requirement. Sam confirms it, all "We're gonna have fun, we're gonna have fun, okay." But not in a way that implies he is going to have fun.

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