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Can Baby Say "Malpractice"?
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It's nighttime in L.A, and Addison's at home, sipping wine. Because it's dark out, and because she's at home, she's also wondering why she's surrounded by her Oceanside colleagues. "What are you people doing in my house?" she asks Cooper, Pete, and Violet as they run around switching off her lights. (The closed-captioning transcribes this question as "What are you people doing in my hoe?" which must have been perplexing for the hard of hearing.) Cooper and Pete explain that they have a surprise for Sam. Pete pretends to be ashamed that he's involved. Addison doesn't see why this "surprise for Sam" should require everyone to be at her house -- maybe the gang got confused, since the houses are practically conjoined? -- but she wishes they'd leave, since BFF Naomi is on her way over. Cooper is dismayed. Naomi will ruin the surprise! Now Violet wants to know what kind of "surprise" this is, and when she hears, "One named Ginger," her sense of decency briefly surfaces, and she scoffs, "I'm outta here." Then Cooper announces that Ginger is about to appear, and Violet scurries to the window to watch the fun unfold.

Sam is hard at work on a Sudoku puzzle (cheered on by his comically small dog) when Ginger rings the doorbell.

At Addison's, Violet wonders how Cooper knew where to find a stripper. Violet, this is Cooper, your best friend. Apparently you've never met. Cooper corrects her choice of words; Ginger is "an entertainer." Behind them, Addison protests that Sam, unlike Cooper, is "not interested in--" but Pete cuts her off: "I think Sam is." And they all watch Sam stare at Ginger's bumping-and-grinding rear end like he's trying to memorize it. Addison's lights flick on: Naomi has walked in, just in time to hear Addison say, "Sam and a stripper -- who knew?" And man, does Naomi look grumpy. Cooper tries to blame Addison, Pete closes a curtain, and nobody's watching when Sam, still captivated by Ginger's ass, says, "You have something." He's referring not to her flair for erotic dance, but rather to the nasty-looking rash spreading across her right buttock. Ick.

Dawn spreads out her time-lapsed rosy fingers over L.A., and the docs gather in Oceanside's conference room. Sam finds Cooper alone and demands, "What were you thinking?!" Pete is still pretending to be above all this. Cooper just wants the details; he's clearly familiar with Ginger's "entertainment" techniques, and he wonders what sort of entertainment she provided for Sam. When the ladies walk in, he pretends to be discussing a medical case, but they are not fooled. Down to today's business: Sam announces that "Dave Walker" called, complaining of headache and nausea. Cooper says he heard that Dave's wife left him (in the Oceanside patient-gossip chat room, I guess), and Sam confirms that Dave, who lives with his mother and his son, is "drinking again" as a result. So Sam's planning to "go check him out." Addison is surprised to hear that Sam does house calls. Pete corrects her: "We all do house calls." She shoots him a look, and he's all, "What? It's not my fault you didn't ask any questions before accepting this job."

Cooper sets up his storyline: the O'Briens are bringing in their nine-month-old baby girl, who's been sick since birth. Violet helpfully pipes up with what she remembers from the gossip chat room: is this the dad who's totally disconnected from his baby? Cooper confirms that it is, and that he's tried to get Dad O'Brien to see Violet, but with no success. Addison offers assistance with the case. Pete says, "Wanna help me?," and it's possible that he didn't mean it in a smarmy way, but Addison shoots him a disgusted look anyway. "What?" asks Pete. Naomi speaks up: "Anything else?" Sam starts talking about some patients he'll be seeing next week, but she talks over him: "Nobody? Super." She leaves. Cooper pretends to have more medical questions until Naomi's out of earshot, and then goes back to asking for details about Ginger's performance. Addison scolds everyone for not thinking of Naomi's feelings, and goes after Naomi. Sam is confused: "Wait, do they know?" He interrupts himself with the best "gasp" in the history of television -- seriously, you should watch the episode just for this one line -- and asks, "Does Naomi know?" Cooper yammers on about Ginger. Sam hangs his head.

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