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Rejection Saddens Vulnerable People
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It's morning in L.A., and some very funky background music takes us to the beach, where Addison is on her way over to Sam's with some coffee. She could have saved herself a lot of barefoot sand-walking if she'd just opened her window and passed the mug over to him, but maybe she's counting this as exercise. "Mornin', neighbor," she says, poking her head through Sam's conveniently open sliding door. She spots him in his shirt and tie and says, "You look fancy!" That is exactly what my four-year-old nephew says when he sees his parents dressed up. I once again approve of Addison's choice of adjectives.

Sam is nervously knotting his tie: "I have to be on live TV this morning," he says, reaching for the coffee. His nervousness is just as controlled and sexy as all his other emotions. Addison says she thought maybe he was dressed up for something later on...some special event... He ignores her hints and continues to stress about how he's never been on TV before, and the nightmare he had in which all his teeth fell out while he was talking. She ignores him (that's what you do when you live uncomfortably close to someone else: you pretend you can't see or hear them, to preserve the illusion of privacy. It's awkward when you're in the same room, though) and rattles on about how she invited everyone from work to the party she's having tonight and nobody responded. I wonder if she sent out an Evite, because you can't really expect people to respond to that. Although it would be kind of funny if Sam checked that box that says "I'm interested in carpooling." He's thinking the same thing, more or less, because now he says, "Addison, I live three feet away from your new home. If you have a party, I'm gonna be there, even if I don't want to be." Well, well, look who's after my job! This snark dispensed, Sam returns to the subject at hand, i.e., his anxiety about being on TV. Addison senses an opportunity to make this conversation about her needs and offers to come with him, "for moral support." He's very happy to take her up on the offer. Does no one but me remember that Naomi got custody of Addison's friendship? Sam was very clear about this in the pi-not. I bet Naomi needs moral support right now, too. But Addison's still trying to send a message: "All you have to do is invite me," she says meaningfully. "I would like you to come," says Sam. "And I RSVP yes," says Addy. "Like any decent person would." Sam is too busy checking the integrity of his teeth to catch her dig at the integrity of his character.

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