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Addison's in bed, sleeping, and wearing a lot of makeup under the circumstances. Won't she, like, get an eye infection or lose her eyelashes if she sleeps in all that mascara? The sound of thunder and heavy rainfall wakes her up. She listens, then falls back onto her pillow and sighs, "It's raining." Then, bolting upright: "It's raining!" She runs barefoot down the steps and out onto her beachfront deck, closing the door behind her with a precision she will quickly regret. Some electronic doodads lie there on a table, getting soaked; Addy gathers them up, along with a pair of shoes and a soggy garment she left draped over a chair. Then she performs a high-stepping, raindrop-dodging dance back to the door, which is locked, of course. So she does what anyone would do in the same situation: she presses her face to the glass and wails pathetically, "It's raaainiiing!" If only there were someone inside to hear her. In a situation like this, it's nice to have a significant other, or failing that, a very intelligent pet, but poor, wet Addison has neither.

Violet's in her office with her head down on her desk. Is she playing Heads Up, Seven Up? Nope, she's listening to voicemail messages. Wait -- make that one voicemail message, on endless repeat. "Hey babe, it's me," says a man's voice. No prizes for guessing who that man is! "I'm gonna be late. You should pick up some Chinese and we'll eat in bed, okay? Love you." Cooper opens the door and catches Violet in the act. "You listening to Allan's message again?" Violet claims she has other messages, from patients, but Cooper's not falling for that, since she doesn't typically eat takeout in bed with her patients. "I'm sorry I told you about it," she says bitterly. "I thought you'd understand." Okay, I'm no psychiatrist, but I'm pretty sure that if you can admit out loud that you have a habit of listening to a completely banal voicemail message from an ex over and over, and you can still not realize as soon as you say it that you've hit bottom, then you're in pretty rough shape. Cooper just tells her, "Guys don't keep messages from an ex. That's a woman thing." Violet scores a point: "What do you know about women that you didn't get off the internet?" Coop wisely decides not to defend himself. Instead, he tells her, "Erase the message. Be a man."

Now we're at reception, and I'm still wondering what time of day this is. First I thought Violet slept in her office, or just got to work really early, but then Cooper walked in. Is this one of those gloomy days where it's dark as twilight all day long, or is it perpetually dim in Violet's office? Anyway, now we see Naomi, hugging her daughter (making her first appearance since the pi-not, although, if you're keeping score at home, you may recall that her presence was implied by Naomi's pathetic "Mommy needs a minute to herself!" in episode 1). Naomi's hug is bordering on a chokehold, and daughter Maya, who seems to be about thirteen, points this out with a strangled, "Uh, Mom?" Sam's standing near the elevator, waiting for them to break it up. "I can take her to school," Naomi offers, feigning nonchalance. Maya looks to her dad for help. "Back up, woman," he commands in his authoritative yet gentle baritone.

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