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We open on poppy music as Addison's on her balcony. Sam comes out onto his upper balcony and it's AWKWARD! He's like, "So, Pete must be happy," and Addison, being Addison, thinks it's all about her until Sam says he's talking about getting custody of Lucas. She's like, "Uh, yeah. So, Sam?" But then Pete comes out and asks if she's coming to bed. She says she'll be in in a minute, so he goes inside, but so does Sam. She drinks her lonely, Too Many Men Love Me wine and looks mopey. Cut to Charlotte and Cooper post-sex, discussing whether to discuss this or just do it again. Not being the type to want to deal with their feelings ever, they opt for "again."

Violet shows up at Oceanside, where Dell's already there. She thought he was supposed to be off today, but he's in to give Maya an ultrasound, since she has a history exam tomorrow. He says he just got some really good news, and Violet says, "Oh no!" Not exactly the reaction he was going for, but she wasn't listening to him (what with being the world's worst therapist and all). Instead she says, "The bitch is back!" Um, yeah, that's what I titled the recap two weeks ago, Violet. We know. But she's talking about some patient who is infamous because she threw a cup of coffee at Dell's head and was horrible to her husband. Violet wonders why they even bother with marriage counseling, what with her deep and unresolved anger issues. Maya comes in, totally fake pregnant, and Violet's sweet about it. Maya's mom's on her way, too, so apparently she's over being a terrible mother. Then Violet asks Dell what he was going to tell her, but he says he'll tell her later. He and Maya head off to her ultrasound.

Cooper comes in and greets Violet, who ignores him. He's like, "You're still not talking to me?" She doesn't respond. He does what any sane person would do and uses the opportunity of Violet not talking incessantly about herself to talk about himself. He fills her in on sleeping with Charlotte last night, how it was supposed to be just sex, but he doesn't know what to do. Then he tells her had to do it, he couldn't lie on the stand, but he needs to talk to her. She tells him to talk to someone else. She heads into her office and finds the anger-issues woman making out with her husband. Then the lady runs up and hugs Violet. Her husband's like, "She's happy." Violet can see that, and the woman says everyone thinks she has dementia because, you know, she used to be a huge bitch. She's all into charity work, giving away her money, and having lots of sex. Her husband's thrilled, but thinks it's not Claire. Violet asks her to explain it, and Claire says she can feel God in her soul, because she's been touched by the hand of God. Violet registers total shock and alarm, as therapists should always do. And then... sunny title card.

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Private Practice




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