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We're back in sunny Oceanside, where Cooper's talking to a little girl in a hospital bed who really loves surfing. She can't wait to do it, in fact. They make small talk about it, and then another doctor (and another actor from the unemployed cast of Swingtown) comes in and asks how the patient is doing. Cooper introduces him as "Dr. Barnes" (shout-out to the forum moderator, possibly?). The little girl wonders where her other doctor is, but Cooper says Dr. Barnes is the best heart guy in L.A., and is going to remove the tumor from her heart. Cooper tells her this is going to be her last surgery, so he got her the best guy. Dr. Barnes says they should probably get going on the six-hour procedure, and she asks Cooper if he'll be here when she gets out. He says he will. As they wheel her off to surgery, she tells Cooper and her parents not to look so scared, because she'll be fine. She's so much tougher than all the adults, you guys! And totally not a cliché or anything.

Dr. Barnes walks into the sink room where surgeons wash up before operating, and guess who's already in there scrubbing her arms? Our very own Addison Montgomery, of course. So now we know who this new guy is, right? Addison's latest love interest. I wonder what sort of obstacle they'll place in front of them? He asks if she's finishing or starting. She's finishing. He's starting working on the little girl. He hates working on kids, because he feels like he's holding his breath the whole time. She says she knows what he means because she sometimes works on babies, but we all know Addison has no idea what he means, because she loves working on babies, and is perfect and never has to hold her breath. He asks if she comes here often, then, and she asks if that was a pick-up line. He assure her it wasn't, adding that he would offer a better one than that.

Cooper is talking to Violet's belly in her office, in view of anyone and everyone. They are creeping me out, because they either need to be a couple or stop acting like one, please. She seems to sort of agree because she wants him to stop talking to her belly, but he says "the bug" needs stimulation. He would know, since he's the pediatrician. He says "Hello, Little One," and Sheldon says "hello" as he and Pete walk in. Get it? Because Sheldon is the little one, and Pete is ... not. Ha. Cooper explains he's talking to the bug, but Pete and Sheldon don't really care. They want a paternity test so one of them can get out of her hair and the other one has a right to know. Coop tries to interrupt, but they tell him to stay out of it. Pete gets a page, and exits smoothly and coolly, and Sheldon exits awkwardly.

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