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What They Can't Have

Immigration guys are making calls outside of Esau's office, when Sam comes up and tells them that the nurses paged him to tell him Esau's oxygen levels dropped and if they take him now, they'll have a body on their hands by the time they get there. He goes into the room and tells Esau to put his mask on and start acting sicker. Immigration Suit comes in and tells Sam he doesn't believe him, which is pretty dumb considering Sam's the guy who called, but whatever. This is this show. Esau fake-coughs pretty well and Sam tells the guy to step back as to not be at risk. The threat of disease is enough to make the guy wait until Esau's stable. Commercial.

Pacific Wellcare. May comes in to see Pete, and Gay's there, too. Pete asked him to come because Pete has good news. He can try to fix this. He says there are breakthroughs in desensitizing people using injections of small traces to build up the immune system over time. He says it could take six months to a year or not work at all, but he says he envies what they have, so maybe it's enough to go a time with no sex.

Esau jumps out of bed to see his totally white baby in the arms of Elisha in the hall. He says the baby's beautiful, then Sam says he can't stall anymore and they have to let the Immigration guys in now. Elisha and Esau say they love each other, and then he lets them take him away. That is so depressing. I like to think things like that don't really happen. Elisha goes back to her room, leaving Sam and Addison alone. He asks if he thinks about her when he's with Vanessa? "Yeah. But I can't wait around for something I can't have, and you shouldn't expect me to." See? It's all about Addison, always. Lesson learned.

Sheldon shows up with sourdough from San Francisco for Charlotte, since she helped him fly there with his patient (I hope the patient paid for the flight, and the previous one). He gives her a hug, too, and apologizes since he knows she's not huggy. She says, "Didn't kill me," which is awesome. Then she invites him to stay for a martini. Uh-oh. Sam finds Vanessa and tells her he ran track in high school. Then, so Sam says he didn't actually make the team because of asthma, but he can run pretty fast. Vanessa's like, "What is your point?" He says he's ready to chase her but she better be ready to get caught. She says he's very good with the lines, and he agrees. Cooper shows up at Violet's/Charlotte's to get Violet's mail (which is so dumb; no one would send her mail, and if anyone did, it would be Charlotte). Anyway, Charlotte's head pops up from the couch, where she's clearly naked and panicked, as she asks him what the hell he's doing here. Then Sheldon's head pops up too, also attached to a seemingly naked body. Of course. Sheldon laughs, "Charlotte made martinis." Cooper storms out, and Sheldon says he thinks he's lost his Zen. Naomi preps for the ballet with William, but Fife rolls by first and tells her she looks stunning. She leaves with William, but looks longingly back at where Fife just was. Addison and Pete drink on her balcony as she watches the light in Sam's bedroom. "He's moved on." "So's she." Then Addison adorably says, "I don't want to alarm you, but I'm going to cry now." Pete says he's going to hold her while she cries, and he does. Is it possible they have become the best couple on this show by not actually being a couple? I think we all know it's totally possible.

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