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Addison fills Esau in on the status of the baby; she says she'll update him again as soon as the baby's born. Then some suited guys come in and ask if that's Esau. They're with Immigration, of course, and have an order to detain him. DRAMA! Commercials. Sometimes I wish they'd just ease into a commercial, nice and boring. Afterward, Addison's scrubbing up for delivering the baby when Sam comes in and they get into an argument about him calling Immigration. He was trying to do the right thing, but she says tearing them apart isn't right. He says sometimes love doesn't work out, and she's like, "Well." Wait, so he called Immigration because if his love can't work out with Addison, he can't let her patient have love either? Douche move, Sam. And I used to like you. Sam tells Addison to come on, he's trying to be happy, which she thinks is great, but she has to deliver this baby. Um, Addison, you moved on first, at least sexually speaking, so get off your high horse.

Naomi comes in finding Pete reading "On Semen," which is hilarious because ... only on this show. He sadly tells her that Gay left May after she almost died. How did Naomi miss out on this? Aren't they her patients? Oh, right, she doesn't work. I almost forget. Naomi thought they were perfect, and Peter wonders if it's a biological message telling them they don't belong together. Naomi says there are the people who are right for you on paper, and then the people who are just right. Pete asks if it's settling to go with the person who's right for you on paper. Naomi says maybe there's nothing wrong with settling; with being wooed. Pete says sometimes the person who's just right doesn't want you. Naomi says or they do, and they're just wrong. Pete: "Yeah." Um, did they forget what they were talking about? Pete wonders if they're going to have this discussion, and he says no. They both really wanted May to get her guy.

Sheldon rings Clea's doorbell. And, OMG, why do doctors show up at people's houses on this show? No one would do that. Sheldon tells her he's sorry, and doesn't normally do this, but he's crazy. Oh, and he wanted to be a surgeon, but his first night in medical school, on call, there was a guy who was screaming and bleeding and Sheldon let go of the compression and he bled out. The guy kept yelling at him until he was dead. Sheldon faked illness and then switched to psychology. "I ran." He says he hasn't been through a plane crash, but he knows what it's like not to push through to have the life you wanted. He knows he's not Violet, but he can help her (many would argue that anyone is better than Violet). He asks her to let him help her.

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