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What They Can't Have

Back in the hospital, Pete tells May and Gay the obvious answer: The condom broke or leaked or was too big (people have a tendency to buy them too big). He says there was seminal fluid present. May tells Gay it's not his fault, but he says she's allergic to him and he can't have sex knowing that he could kill her at anytime. He says he loves her and doesn't want to be alone, but he can't stand the thought of hurting her. Pete tells them he doesn't want them to forgo sex, so he'll find a away. Sam's in thought when Vanessa approaches him and thanks him for being the first person ever to stand her up; she couldn't have lived without that unique humiliation. Whatever. It's character-building. He apologizes, explaining that Esau left the hospital, which is actually completely valid, but she's not buying it. She realizes that the fabulous Addison! Forbes! Montgomery! is somehow a factor and tells him she's not going to be in her shadow in her personal life just like in her professional. She says she's a catch, but he's going to have to chase her. Who talks like that? Sam gets a page so can't chase her just then. Instead, he finds Esau in a hall. Addison's taking Elisha to deliver the baby; she's in labor. Sam asks Esau to come with him, since it's not safe for him to be with her or the baby.

Sheldon's stressed, but Charlotte says she is too, since Cooper's back and is all Zen. He asks if it bothers her, and she says she beat him with a banana. She basically asks him to shrink her head, and he says she thinks it means Cooper's over her. She acknowledges Sheldon's pretty good at this (well, yeah, compared to Violet, but that's not asking much), acting like she's never met the guy even though she used to be his boss. He says he's failing everybody right now, since everyone runs (Violet and her patient; he apparently has no patients of his own). Charlotte tells Sheldon to push with patients, instead of giving up, and he thanks her. Charlotte whatevers in response on the way out.

May finds Pete in his office and tells him to stop wasting him time trying to find a cure since Gay dumped her. She cries and Pete tells her he's sorry; he knows it's hard, but sex is important so maybe it's better to end it now before it got serious. May says it might not make sense, but Gay was the one and now he's gone. She says he still has her heart and always will. Pete says she'll find someone else, and she asks if he really believes that. He says he does, but that's hard to believe. May tells Pete to have Naomi forget the eggs, since she's done without Gay.

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