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What They Can't Have

Sheldon comes in to Cooper's office, and he shows him a banana fiber photo album. Sheldon's all, "Um, I was wondering if you had a number for Violet" since she left me with her crazy patients. Cooper says Violet's trekking in the rain forest for the next couple of weeks. Cooper thinks it's therapeutic and Sheldon covering for her has been very helpful. Sheldon says there's this one he's been struggling with, and Cooper gives a speech that literally goes: "Day after day, the sun... Zen." Whatever. Addison and Sam show up at the hospital to break Elisha and Esau's hearts, which they say is always fun (I assume it's a joke), but Elisha and Esau are gone. Drama!

Clea's meeting with Sheldon, telling him she'll just drive to her sister's wedding in San Francisco. See? This is dumb. They should have had it be farther away, because someone this afraid of flying would have just driven from L.A. to San Francisco in the first place, I think. It should have been in New York or at least, like, Portland. He says she wants to fly, though, so he wonders what triggered her yesterday in their attempt to fly. She says it was when he grabbed her arm, because that's what the woman next to her did on the plane too -- "the woman I killed." Okay, this is stupid. In a plane crash, people die, but that's not their seatmates' fault. And this all just feels so manufactured. I mean, I realize it is but it feels like it more than usual. I hate that, and I've begun to expect more from this show, which is probably a mistake on my part. Anyway, more drama means ... commercials.

Sam and Addison have called everyone, but can't find Elisha and Esau. Addison says they should have talked to Elisha more after telling her she couldn't take her baby to Kenya, and Sam's like, "You're saying I scared her?" Addison says that's not what she said. Sam's going to call immigration, but Addison says they're not the police. Wait, is this the same woman who wouldn't break the law for Cooper's patient? The conversation turns to Vanessa, of course. She says he's just dating her because she works on babies, which he knows will get to her, and he says he knows she's jealous, but she doesn't get to be since she made her choice. She begs him not to call immigration, but he just walks out.

Clea's crying to Sheldon about the plane crash. She saw the wing hit the ground, then smoke, then fire, then screaming. She unbuckled her seatbelt and didn't help the woman get hers undone even though she was screaming, "Help me, please!" She ran instead of helping. Okay, maybe she did sort of kill the woman. Although Sheldon doesn't agree with me, so I must be wrong. But Clea says she can't talk her way or breath her way out of this one. She leaves and says to tell Violet she quits.

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