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Sam tells Elisha that she can go in and see Esau, who's on antibiotics, but he says he has a legal obligation not to lie on the green card form. Addison asks Sam to hold off on signing the form, and Elisha says he's illegal without it, but they were supposed to get married and she's having his baby in a few weeks. She cries until she says she'll just go live with his parents in Kenya, but Addison and Sam remind her the baby's going to need a lot of surgeries and won't have access to that kind of care in Kenya. Sam says he'll hold off on signing the form until later, so he can get the care he needs. Elisha thanks him and goes in to see Esau. Addison thanks him, too, and then a pretty lady comes up and says, "Hey, you!" to Sam all cute and comfortable. Sam introduces her to Addison as Vanessa Hoyt, and we learn she's a perinatologist and neonatologist. Vanessa's heard a lot about Addison, but not from Sam; she didn't even realize they knew each other. Addison didn't realize they did either. Vanessa says Sam asked her to consult on a case last week and they hit if off. Addison thinks that's great he asked her to consult on a case on a pregnant patient from his office. Awkward! Vanessa and Sam go for coffee.

Speaking of consulting, Pete's checking out what's the deal with May and her gay boyfriend. He's looking through a microscope as Naomi thanks him for helping. Pete says she seems more relaxed than she's been in awhile, and she says it's William. Pete: "Ah, love." She says it's not that, at least not yet, but he's wooing her. Pete's glad she's happy, so Naomi asks Pete about him and Addison. He didn't think anyone knew that, but of course Addison tells Nae everything except for the fact that she's in love with her ex-husband. Naomi wonders about him and Violet, and she says she spent the last nine months -- not just this vacation -- away from it all. Pete realizes something in his microscope, and then they're sitting with May and her gay boyfriend, telling them May's allergic to his sperm. Pete's looking into possible treatments, but he can't fix it right now. And it's like a peanut allergy, which means it gets worse each time. May wonders what they can do, since they need sex and want kids someday. Naomi can help with that part of course, and they can use condoms for now to have sex. They hold hands as if having to use condoms is the worst news in the world.

A tan (or actually orange) Cooper enters Oceanside and greets Charlotte with a bag of coffee, which he says is the best in the world. He says Costa Rica was very Zen, what with the beaches and alcohol. Pete comes in and Cooper hugs him, and gives him coffee. Charlotte: "He's Zen." Pete's here to borrow a book from Charlotte, though: "Semen allergies." She's going to see what she has, so Cooper explains to Pete that Violet decided to stay in Costa Rica. OMG! How cool would that be if she never came back? Cut immediately to Pete lying on Addison's couch whining about Violet never coming back. Adele's singing the same song again (apparently it's their theme song), and Addison's barely listening to Pete because she's watching Sam and Vanessa drink wine. She says it's "My wine," which is pretty funny actually. I love these totally insane people together. More, please. Pete calls her away from the window and they get cuddly about their respective loved ones being happy and Zen, respectively. Her phone rings. Then she shows up at Vanessa and Sam's, where they've been talking about how he never noticed her before (he says he did, but was seeing someone else), to tell him that Esau's TB is drug-resistant. Sam and Addison leave, though he tells Vanessa he'll meet her after at her place. He's so sorry.

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