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What They Can't Have
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Sunny, sunny L.A. as Adele's Many Shades of Black kicks in. Pete finds Addison and gives her the panties she left at his place this morning. She'd been wondering where those were. Dude, if you forget your panties after morning sex, it shouldn't be that difficult to figure out. Most of us put them on once and then don't take them off in random places, so the place we had sex would be the obvious choice, would it not? Then again, we are not all Addison Forbes Montgomery. She puts them on as Charlotte wonders if Violet's back after being gone for two weeks. Pete thinks Charlotte's awfully into Violet, but Addison exposits that she just misses Cooper, and can't admit that. Addison tells Pete she's standing there (previously underwearless) waiting to talk to Sam. She's going to make him talk to her, because he can't be mad anymore. Pete weirdly thinks Sam has a right to be mad, but she disagrees and wonders if Pete isn't irritated Violet went away. He says, "She's not with some guy. She's with Cooper." They're apparently touching monkeys, which sounds dirty, and Pete expects her back today. Sam comes in and greets Addison warmly, all, "Hi! I'm great." Then, "Good to see you Pete." Addison wonders what's up, and then she and Pete go into her office for some more morning sex.

Sheldon's on an airplane with Clea Duvall, who we quickly learn is Violet's patient with a fear of flying because she survived something terrible. She thanks Sheldon for doing this, and says if her sister weren't getting married, she would have waited for Violet. Clea freaks out as the plane starts to taxi onto the runway. Sheldon tries to talk her through it and get her to breathe, but he grabs her arm and she says she can't do this. She freaks and screams and says that they're going to crash and people will burn. Sheldon helpfully explains she was on the Flight 97 crash. She screams and gets up and bangs on the door. And ... sunny title card.

Naomi's at her desk, not working, because she never seems to, when William comes in and tells her he got them tickets to Alvin Ailey Dance Theater, which is apparently coveted and difficult to do, so she's excited. She asks if he's just trying to get her into bed with all the fancy dates, because he could just ask. He says if he wanted to get her into bed, he would ask, but right now he's wooing. She agrees and they agree on the next night at 7 for their date. When he leaves, Fife's waiting at her door to tell her what a pretty picture the dirty, rich boss and hot employee are. But he's actually here to tell her there's a couple who can't keep their hands off each other in the lobby. Then he asks if she actually likes "that guy," and she does. Fife just smiles and nods, not buying it.

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Private Practice




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