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Just like last week, our episode begins as the Grey's Anatomy black bar of credits is still flashing on the bottom of the screen. ABC wouldn't want to let any Grey's watchers slip away before this starts, after all. I have to apologize in advance if it seems like I skipped a bunch of stuff when writing this weecap. Read Lauren's latest Grey's recap to fill in the blanks.

We start off with shiny, pretty L.A. beach image, lest someone think we're still in gloomy, gray Seattle. Cooper, Violet, Pete, and Dell don't have any extra work to do, apparently, even with three of Oceanside's doctors out of town. Instead, they're all sitting and/or standing around in the break room, wondering when Sam, Naomi, and Addison will call and let them know how Archer's doing. Not that any of them really know or care about Archer, but if they stopped worrying about this, they'd have to go help the patients that absolutely must be piling up in the waiting room. In case anyone missed Grey's, Dell, Cooper, and Pete exposit all about the worms/cysts in Archer's head, blah, blah, blah (read the recap). Cooper says that if they feel like waiting is hard for them, they should imagine how awful it is for Sam, Naomi, and Addison right about now.

Cut to Joe's bar in Seattle, where Sam, Naomi, Addison, and Mark are all dancing up a storm to some cheesy '80s song (specifically, "There's Always Something There To Remind Me"). Derek's against the wall talking on his phone, but no one seems to notice or care. Which isn't all that surprising, since these are the same people who haven't thought to call and let their friends back in L.A. know that Archer came through surgery with flying colors. These four are more concerned about how cool is it they're all together again. Sam says, "the five of us," but Addison and Naomi pointedly correct him that Archer makes six. He's all, "I forgot about Archer." How is it possible that Sam could ever be jealous of a tool like Archer, anyway? Mark adds that counting the worms in Archer's brain that makes, like twenty-six. I love him. Can he be on this show more, please? None of the guys on Private Practice are quite as snarky as I'd like. Addison toasts to dead brain worms and loudly tells Mark that she can't believe he fell for a Grey and is too scared to tell Derek (who is still slouching on the phone by the wall, remember, so it's obviously just a long chat and not an emergency or anything). Mark tells Addison to be mad at Derek or the ring his mother never gave her, but not at Mark. Derek's getting up and heading out of the bar, so Addison approaches him and asks what's up. He ignores her and just thanks Mark for that. Then he tells them he has to go back to work, and it's not about Archer. He leaves, and they all immediately think, "What if he says it's not Archer because he doesn't want to worry us," and they run out after him.

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