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Incest is (Not) Best

Last week on Private Practice, Addison and Naomi got in a huge fight about questionable medical ethics. Violet realized her back-up boyfriend Cooper was cheating on her. And the practice was in financial jeopardy, forcing Sam to take over the practice, and Naomi is pee-issed. There was something else, too. What was it? Oh, right. Dell quit because everyone forgot about him.

Addison calls Naomi in a split screen. Naomi hangs up on her. Addison calls Sam in a split screen. He hangs up on Addison and calls Naomi in another split screen. Sam gets hung up on by Naomi in yet another split screen shot. Sam calls Addison in a split screen shot. And just when I am about to toss my cookies because of the rapid-paced scene cutting, there is a gross and gratuitous early morning sex scene between what's-his-name and what's-her-name. Cooper and Charlotte. Despite laying new ground rules last week, Charlotte still won't eat lunch in public with him. He gets up to leave for "Violet's Secret Meeting." They are playing "Shake it Up" by The Cars as they cut from scene to scene. Yay for The Cars! Boo for seizure-inducing editing.

Violet, Naomi and Tim Daly are in the conference room at the Wellness Center, staring at a board filled with color-coded dots. Violet is bemoaning the profit-oriented nature of the practice as opposed to the patient-oriented practice of yore. Yore being yesterday, of course. Unilateral decision-making and the executive physicals and the hot temp (instead of Dell) are just symptoms of Sam's crass leadership. Speaking of Sam, he and Addison have just walked in and witnessed the secret meeting in progress. They seem rather nonplussed about the fact that half the firm is having a secret staff meeting. Naomi comes out of the meeting and says hello. They are shocked, and Naomi informs them that while she is not talking to them personally, she is talking to them professionally. How mature. Er... maybe. When Sam and Addison walk into the conference room, Violet accosts Sam about his scheduling board calling it a "Board of Shame" for those not booking enough clients. Everyone rolls their eyes at this. Sam was just trying to keep track of scheduling now that Dell is gone. Dell? Dell? Who is this Dell?

Violet and Addison squabble uninterestingly over The Board. Sam explains that The Board helps him figure out who is available for what. For example, Pete is free all day and can thus help with the money-producing executive physicals. I'm not an executive, but I am so glad that TWoP does not require us to get physicals before beginning work. It'd be a melee of lethargy, caffeine addiction, myopia and carpal tunnel. Not a pretty sight! Pete jumps up and fills in his entire column with dots. He isn't making up clients, either -- no, he's helping the practice by de-fatting rich people with some new-fangled contraption. Violet storms out in protest over making a profit. I must say that other people's administrative meetings are not that interesting to watch.

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