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In court, Duncan's questioning Sam on the stand. Sam is saying that Dr. Allen did exactly what anyone else would have done in the circumstance, so some patient's death is totally not his fault. Sam says that some patients just can't be saved, which isn't malpractice; it's just life. The widow and son's attorney quotes Sam's book at him. It's a quote about how every person is different, and things can't be done by the book. She asks if that contradicts what he just said. He stands behind what he said, so she asks if he didn't mean what he wrote. He did. Then she starts acting about his own medical practice. She brings up the measles outbreak. She also asks about Fake Lance dying. Sam says he told him not to race, but he was "pig-headed." The attorney rightfully calls him on that, and asks if he talks about all his patients like that, or only the dead ones. She garners sympathy for her clients, saying they lost a husband and father because he didn't get the treatment he needed. She says it might be okay with Sam that patients die, but it's not okay with her clients. Then she wants to talk about Sam's nickname, "Dr. Feelgood."

Back at Oceanside, Naomi's lecturing Cooper because the twelve-year-old girl is the happy, healthy daughter that the mom he yelled at is raising. Is Naomi crazy?! Wait, don't answer that, because she isn't in love with Sam anymore, so she must be, right? Anyway, Naomi says Yvonne is doing something right, but Cooper says that doesn't mean she should let her daughter have sex in the room next to her. Sam asks Violet to back him up, but she says adolescent sexuality is not that simple, blah, blah, blah. Violet agrees she's doing the right thing by channeling her daughter's sexual desires "safely." What. Ever. If your twelve-year-old wants to have sex, I think it's probably okay to go so far as to put her in an all-girls school, or even lock her in your house. Because twelve is way too young. Dell walks in and stops Violet from climbing onto the counter to get something out of the top of the cupboard. It's weird and dumb, but Violet thinks it's cute when he gets things for her, I think. She says, "Hey little, Hopscotchers." I have no idea what she's talking about. Why does this show make me feel like an idiot? Dell butts into the conversation to disagree strongly with the women, saying that men can have a say, too. Cooper acknowledges that mother doesn't always know best. Naomi says it's apples and oranges (which there are a bowl of in front of her). Cooper disagrees, and doesn't know how Naomi, a mother of a girl, wouldn't. He says motherhood is not the trump card, but Violet says parents get to decide these things, not doctors. Dell hopes someone like Cooper is there when Betsy's twelve.

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