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No previouslies, because apparently everyone who watches this episode is already supposed to know that Addison's been considering being a homewrecker. Instead we get cheerful music in the Oceanside lobby, as Addison's getting on the elevator. Naomi asks if she has hospital rounds, but she says she has a house call. Addison smiles awkwardly, so Naomi asks what's up. Turns out she's going to see Morgan, the squeaky-voiced wife of the doctor that Addison is in love with. She overjustifies it all and exposits so that we all catch up, sort of.

At the home of Noah and Morgan, Addison and Noah talk awkwardly. She compliments his home, and he credits Morgan. She says Morgan's taste is exquisite, which I'm thinking is more about the husband than the home. Oh, show, you're so subtle. (Exactly. It wasn't obvious at all as they focused on husband's face for like 10 minutes when she said it. -- Angel) They head up the stairs toward Morgan.

Cooper's giving a mother a health report on her daughter: All is great (5 feet, 84 pounds, and she looks about 12), or as Cooper thinks the kids say, "ab fab." The girl leaves to take a cell phone call from a friend. Cooper comments on how much she's grown up, and the mom tells Cooper that Sarah needs to see a female doctor, because Sarah needs birth control. And, as usual, it's such a sunny topic leading us into our sunny credits.

Morgan's afraid she's lost another baby, and asks Addison to just tell her. Noah tells Morgan not to jump there, and she snaps that she does that because she's lost every baby she's ever carried. Wow. Squeaky-voiced, looks like hell, and snappy? Maybe I'm starting to see why Noah loves Addison. She certainly looks glamorous and uncrabby in comparison. And he doesn't really know the level of arrogance and crazy yet. Anyway, he tells Morgan not to be scared. Addison tells Noah that her cervix is open and the amniotic sack is protruding out. She's going to have to sew the cervix closed. Addison asks Noah to call an ambulance, which they'll ride in together. Noah will meet them there. He leaves to call the ambulance, and Morgan tells Addison she knows she should be scared now.

Naomi greets Principal Wood (who we're calling "Duncan" now) in the lobby at Oceanside. She asks him if Sam's running late, but he says the great thing about practicing law is that court tends to start late. (They never mention this on law shows when they are running to trial. -- AC) She tells him he looks "good" dressed up, but he doesn't think that's a compliment, so she says stunning and handsome. Sam comes in, and they go off to court together. Sam's apparently the expert witness.

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