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Euthanasia Euphemism

Over at the hospital some unfrocked judge is hearing the legal arguments not by the lawyers but by the notHusband and the parents of Comama. I'm so glad Shonda can show us these utopian worlds where the needed changes to our legal system can be made. In addition to the family's arguments, the judge asks for Addison's opinion, which is imminent danger fishcakes. The hospital via Charlotte agrees. The judge could rule, but he would rather have the husband withdraw his petition. Like he knows how to do that without his lawyer. The Comama's mama pleads with notHusband to help them save the baby.

Violet makes a run for the elevator only to be greeted once again by Mr. Helpful. He notices that she looks like she is in a hurry. The two spend the long elevator ride trying to out-therapy each other. They throw out some Jung and Freud references for good measure. Then Mr. Helpful quotes Mark Twain and they cheer each other up. Violet asks if he got the job and she looks pleased when she hears that he did.

Meg is still working at the clinic. And she is still working with Dell. Before they get going with their day, Meg wants to talk about the fact that he publicly scared off a patient yesterday. When Dell gets snippy about creating life and making babies, Meg gives him an earful about medical professionalism. They don't get to know why their patients make the choices they do, they just do what the patient wants once they make that choice. It is the hardest choice anyone has to make and Dell can just go suck it.

Addison preps for surgery. When she sees the notHusband skulking about she tells him that he is not allowed to be there. The notHusband confesses that he caused the accident that put Comama in a coma. He made her laugh, she looked away from the road, and whammo! Comama. Addison forgives him for his sins. She tells him that he did not cause the accident and he can't make miracles. But she can. Because she is Addison. She is going to go into that O.R. and make a miracle. O.R. U., Addison?

Violet goes to visit Doug in prison. He asks if she spoke to the DA, but she hasn't yet. She wanted to talk to him more. She questions him about the gun method of assisted suicide, but he claims Karen was worried anything else wouldn't work. He mentions how much pain she was in again, but Violet cuts him off. She wants to talk about his pain. He looks hopeful.

Dell asks Naomi if she is anti-abortion and she admits that she is. Unapologetically, too. He asks if she cares why a woman would choose to have one, for example if she was raped. Naomi deflects and says that it is only important if it matters to him or his beliefs or some such transcendental malarkey. Religious views are one thing, but is something else bothering Dell? For example, his recently discovered child? Under Naomi's intense questioning, Dell cracks and admits that he tried to convince his Baby Mama to have an abortion, but her crack-addled ass refused. And now he has a beautiful daughter! Naomi adjudges him pro-choice, but guilty. He is just punishing himself for the choice he almost made.

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