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Euthanasia Euphemism

Doug should really steer clear of neon orange. I mean I know crimes must be punished, but making him wear that jump suit is cruel. He looks like a neon orange sausage and lest you think "yummy!" I assure you it is not. Doug is complaining to Violet, not about his attire, but that "they" are claiming he murdered his wife. He is oddly surprised by this assessment. He was just ending her pain! Doug claims that Sam doesn't know what he is talking about, because only saw the deceased two weeks ago for half an hour. Doug had to watch her in pain everyday and he did what she wanted. He begs Violet to help. He waives all confidentiality rights--he just wants help proving his case!

Pete comes home and seems surprised to find Meg is gone. Oh please, she had one foot out the door already and getting yelled at by everyone certainly wouldn't make anyone want to stay. Plus, Pete was a dick.

Violet, Addison, and Naomi hit an outdoor café for a little girl talk. Violet asks if it is true that Pete found out Meg was doing abortions and asked her to leave, because if so that's crazy! Violet's crazy pantomime stops quickly when Naomi looks horrified. After Naomi gives her spiel about being a fertility doctor and creating life, Violet and Addison both admit that they had abortions and wish that they had somewhere nice and safe to go. Naomi fertilizes eggs all day and believes life begins at conception and that is it. Addison begs them to change the subject. Me too!

Charlotte is camped out in front of Cooper's door like his apartment is the box office two days before Lynard Skynard tickets go on sale. She invites him out for a drink and he tells her to go home. When she doesn't move, he bodily lifts her up and out of his way. She apologizes tearfully (well, almost) and swears she will " do the time." He goes inside and Charlotte leans against the door in defeat. Plus, no Skynard tickets.

The next morning, Meg comes back to Pete's place. She needed time to think. The man she knew used to share everything with her. She wants to know what happened to him. He doesn't answer. Instead he changes the subject and tells her to come back. They hug.

Sam, Violet, and Addison try to parse out what they should do about Doug. The District Attorney is subpoenaing Karen's medical records. Violet was up all night trying to figure out what to do about it. She wishes she had someone to talk to about all of this. Addison's ears perk up and I think she's somehow going to suggest Mr. Helpful from the elevator, but instead she suggests that Violet should talk to SWAT. Erm...why? It must be so SWAT has his contractually-required five and a half minutes of screen time. Why else would a therapist go talk to a cop instead of, say, a lawyer? Or another therapist? Whatever. Violet sits gingerly on the edge of SWAT's bed and asks how she can know whether it was murder or assisted suicide? Violet spells out the facts for SWAT: Doug was totally submissive to his wife and she can't imagine any scenario where he would have the temerity to shoot his wife without her go-ahead. SWAT gives her the cold hard fact that not one single woman in his entire time on the force has ever asked to be killed with a gun or committed suicide with one. The ladies no likey the guns. Violet doesn't likey that fact.

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