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This show starts as it inexplicably always does, which is with sweaty people rolling around while other sweaty people work out. This week Pete and Violet roll whilst Naomi and Addison work out. Addison confesses that she misses SWAT, but she refuses to call him. Elsewhere, Pete wants to talk about it, but Violet doesn't. She's a therapist, all she does is talk. If I were Pete I would point out that she is not a very busy therapist and maybe can pencil him in, but then I probably wouldn't get to roll around with her anymore.

Naomi is helping Wyatt impregnate his high-risk post-chemo patient. The patient just had a failed pregnancy due to diminished blood supply to the ovarian tissue. She had already painted the nursery and is pretty upset by the miscarriage. I personally prefer the tradition of doing absolutely nothing to your house and buying nothing until a happy healthy baby shows up in your arms. It's less traumatic if things go awry. Of course that is how my cousin ended up carrying her kid around in a laundry basket for three weeks before finally getting to a store. So it has its own traumas. Naomi suggests that although her treatment failed, she knows a doctor who might be able to implant a fertilized egg closer to a blood supply. The patient looks thrilled at the new prospect, but Naomi warns that she still has to ask. I wonder how Addison will respond? First anger, then resignation, then success? You think? Gah, this show and its weekly dramas are far too predictable! I say that and then watch, this week Addison will be abducted by a gang of multi-cultural teenage mariachi mimes who force her to silently re-enact scenes from "Our Town" while eating copious amounts of bi bim bop and Tang and rendering her unable to help the patient. That wouldn't be predictable. Although I did just predict it.

Dell's kid is at the office. There is really not more to say about that. Cooper, as the only doctor in the practice who seems to see patients regularly, greets a long lost family in the waiting room. The mother took the family to Switzerland for some experimental autism treatments for her eldest son. But her middle son caught a bug on the plane and she brought him in. Cooper takes a gander at the kid and starts looking very concerned.

Naomi begs Addison to help her patient. Addison is angry about the suggestion that she help Wyatt's patient. Their conversation is interrupted by Cooper, who announces that they have to shut the doors to the clinic because his patient has the measles. The kid was in the waiting room for half an hour and exposed pregnant women and the elderly to the disease. Awesome! The staff swings into action making sure that everyone who was exposed to the virus has been vaccinated. Some random pregnant woman asks to be vaccinated now so she can make her lunch date. Addison rolls her eyes and tells her no. Heh. Meanwhile Sam heads off to call the County Health Department. He is prepared for the worst, but for some as-yet unexplained reason is excited about the brawl.

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