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Dysfunctional Families
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Instead of picking up where we left off in the first hour, slow sad music plays as we see Addison in jeans, a Yale sweatshirt, and flip-flops in the work elevator. That's right; she left the house looking less than perfect. Her face also looks bad, and her hair's not even combed. What could have possibly caused this? The elevator door closes. And then we're at Dell's house, where he's leaving for work. He and Heather glare at each other, and then Dell tells Betsey he has to deliver a baby tonight, but Mom will tuck her in. Betsey says she does it wrong. He tells her to go to bed, but he promises to tuck her in when he's home. He leaves as Heather's cooking. She looks after him ominously, then turns and leaves the stove. Dell looks like he's crying as he gets into the car. And then the house explodes behind him. Sunny title card. Did we really need that in the second of a two-part episode? It's so jarring anyway, but it's especially weird to go from explosion to sun.

Addison, looking perfect, arrives at an airport "7 hours earlier." The Captain's there and is surprised she came, but she says she was summoned. He tries to help her with her crossword, "14 down: 'Future hunters,' " but she won't let him tell her. She says he can tell her why Bizzy's coming if he wants to tell her something. He sees the plane arrive and leaves, saying to ask Bizzy. Addison's confused, but greets Bizzy (who's also Rita's mom). I cannot see a way in which these two people would have begat someone who looks like Addison, but I imagine it's hard to cast Kate Walsh's parents, so I'll let it go. Bizzy notices Addison cuts her hair, but not in a good way. Bizzy says the flight was dreadful and she's going to make a complaint to Wilson. Addison says she's surprised Bizzy came to visit. Bizzy: "Addison, don't push. You know, short hair isn't for everyone. Some people look older with it."

Sam and Addison are on her balcony watching Bizzy and the Captain chat about geraniums and drink martinis. Sam says it seems tense, but they look happy and are chatting about flowers. Addison: "Trust me, they are not chatting about flowers. They are speaking WASP. We learn it at an early age." She usually knows what they're saying, but this time she has no idea, which is weird. She says maybe everything is fine, which would be creepy because nothing ever is. Bizzy comes out and asks about Addison's cat. Addison says she decided to give up men and get a cat. Bizzy says not to say that or people will believe her. She tells Addison she'll have to lock it up or something if her father and her are going to be staying here. Addison, "Stay here?" Sam refills her drink, and then his phone rings. It's Dell.

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