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Women Are Crazy
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No more of the Mark Sloan goodness, folks. This week, the cast of this show is back on its own. And, honestly, the cast is great. So why isn't this show better? I guess because Shonda Rhimes is ridiculous? Well, we can at least confirm -- after this episode if not a million times before -- that she hates women. Let's get on with it, then. We open on Fife showing off his patient's robotic arm to Naomi and Pete, who are totally impressed with the range of movement and the fact that he can catch a ball with it. The patient says he was a soldier in Afghanistan, and Fife asks her to feel free to say "genius" or "brilliant." She doesn't need to, though, because he just did. She leaves and the patient buckles in pain. They remove the robot arm, and Pete's like, "You put a bolt in his arm? That's illegal." Fife duhs that that's only in this country; he sent him to Sweden. Nice.

Oceanside. Dell wants to know why Addison has Sam and Naomi in the conference room and Maya in the lobby, but she says she can't tell him. Cooper comes in and mentions the very pregnant woman squatting up and down in the hall. Addison says it's not hers and leaves. Dell says that's his patient, Lynn, who's committed to natural childbirth and has been in labor for two days. Her water finally broke last night. It's Sookie, and she comes into the doorway, still squatting, and says that's not working, but perhaps they have something spicy in the fridge like a chimichanga. Dell, annoyed, says he'll order her something. Cooper, amused, worms his way past her.

Addison brings Maya into the conference room, and both Naomi and Sam talk about how they didn't have a school half-day in their calendar. Maya says it's not a half-day, and Addison says she has something to tell them. She says, "I... I..." a couple times, then looks at Addison, who tells them she's pregnant. Sam says she's not, since she's not having sex, and they've discussed birth control, and her parents are doctors. How could this be happening. Naomi idiotically gets up and leaves. Sam tries to stop her and says they need to talk about this, but she just stammers, "I can't" twice and leaves, despite Maya's "Mom!" Opening title card. Sam tells Addison that Naomi walked away (as if Addison wasn't there to see it), and that you can't do that. Addison says this isn't the first time she's delivered this kind of news; people need time to deal with it. She asks him to give Naomi some time. If this is the show's way of making us hate Naomi so we are more okay with Addison and Sam, well, it's actually sort of working. So, good job, show, at making Naomi go from the normal, sane, awesome one to the even-crazier-than-Addison one.

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