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You Thought There Was a Crossover?
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We go straight from that Grey's episode ending with Derek's phone call and disappearance to Addison calling him. There aren't previews for next week or commercials or anything. Private Practice starts right up while the Grey's black bar of credits flashes across the bottom of the screen, in fact. That obviously means this is a big, important crossover, right? Well ... don't get your hopes up.

We start in a hospital with a tearful Addison calling Derek, and telling him she needs him. Then a whiteout flashes us back fourteen hours, where we see an orgasmic Naomi laying against a very cool lime green pillowcase. She tells Archer that he brings something out in her. He likes to think it's the best in her, but she suggests it might be the worst. They start kissing, and as he works his way down her body, he stops, and she calls him a tease, then her smile quickly turns to panic when she realizes he's seizing. I don't know how an actor can make this look so real, but Grant Show totally sells it, all red faced and veins popping out on his neck as he moans and writhes. That leads us to our sunny opening.

When we come back, we have another red-faced, groaning person, but this one's a woman having a baby at Oceanside, with the help of Dell and Addison. They wonder where Naomi is, since she hasn't returned their pages. The patient worries about Naomi not being there, but Addison promises she's in good hands. Dell tells Addison the patient is "at plus-2 station." Addison thinks this is good, and I will trust her, since she's the smartest person in the world.

Archer and Naomi argue in his hospital room about his health. He says he's fine, and she thinks that seizure indicates otherwise. He tells her his pulse, blood pressure, and other stats are all completely normal. She says that a healthy person doesn't have a "tonic-clonic" seizure out of the blue. He, as the "bad-ass brain guy" (last week he was calling himself a "good-time guy," and now this? I'm not sure which one makes me hate him more, but I guess I don't have to choose) begs to differ. He talks a bunch of brain gibberish, and then says he's signing himself out against her medical advice, making her his doctor, so now he tells her she has doctor-patient confidentiality and must lie to Addison.

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