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This dry little observation breaks some ice. We soon find out that Don Self and Aldo were introduced through mutual friends, and that Don Self's been trying to take down the One World Conspiracy for five years. He doesn't mention how he came to learn of their existence, but after Linc suggests that Don's merely trying to maintain his job security with this operation, Don Self explodes: "Some people still care about their jobs. Some people still fight for this country. Maybe you've been a little too distracted boosting car stereos and breaking heads to remember that." There's a knock on the door before either brother can ask "Does 'some people' mean you, or were we just supposed to swoon at the implied nobility in your speech?" Don Self goes outside to see what it is, leaving Michael and Linc to debate taking the job. Linc's sort of for it; Michael thinks they'll be dead before he gets a chance to find Dr. Sara. Don Self comes in. As it turns out, Bruce has made bail on the boys. As they scamper away, Don Self urges them to take the file. "It means nothing to me anymore," he says.

A quick car ride later, and we're at a nondescript house with fairly undistinguished décor. But Michael's not pulled up short because he's offended by the rigorously character-free surroundings. It's because the woman who just turned around to see him is ... DR. SARA! And she's NOT keeping her head on by dint of safety-pinning it to her neck a la Clancy Brown in Highlander. She and Michael clasp each other as the soundtrack gets all swoony, and then finally Michael kisses her, and ... oh, my brain is saying how contrived this whole set-up is, but my inner 14-year-old girl is shrieking, "YES! True love always, forever and ever! Let's end the show right this minute before they get separated again!"

After a tasteful fade-to-black, we fade back in on Dr. Sara sitting up in bed (fully dressed) with Michael sharing his believes vis a vis any odds of an afterlife: "I thought I'd never see you again." He gives her some serious bedroom eyes, there's some romantic action that sets my inner 14-year-old off again, and then Michael tells her he's got something for her. It's sort of cute how he hides the origami flower behind his back and presents it to her. Dr. Sara is charmed too. She asks wryly, "Is that what this is about? Getting me my rose back?" No -- it's sort of about asking why Michael's still wearing pants. Woman, your adventures should have taught you to seize the day, seize the man, whatever. Don't tell me you two have just been talking. Michael replies, "Yeah, I guess I'm done now. I can retire." Then the levity goes as Michael explains the terms of the deal Don Self made. Then Michael adds, "I love you. That's all I know right now." I am going to have to name my inner 14-year-old and let her begin recapping if this keeps up.

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Prison Break




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