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And now, the truly heart-wrenching scene of the episode. As Mahone drives down a quiet suburban street, he sees police tape, hears the cars, and moans, "Oh, no." Oh, yes -- Pam's house is the crime scene. It takes three cops to stop Mahone's charge through the front yard. One of them screams repeatedly, "You don't want to go in there." Mahone's eyes bug out in horror at that implication, and he sinks to the ground in shock and grief.

Then the show gets all circle-of-life on us, as we see a bearded Sucre nervously waiting in the anteroom of a maternity ward. At long last, Maricruz's sister Theresa brings out a baby wrapped in a pink blanket. Sucre takes her and smiles down at her. Theresa introduces little miss Leila Maria Sucre, and Sucre's overjoyed that his daughter has his last name. He coos to her in Spanish, and I believe I just spontaneously ovulated while witnessing that. Sucre kisses his daughter and gets all teary, and when he looks up, there's Theresa nodding at the cops she called earlier. Damn, Theresa, that's cold. She justifies it with "You can't keep bringing Maricruz down! You can't do this to her any more." Sucre gently hands back his daughter, and bolts outside where Bellick is waiting in Ma Bellick's station wagon. Alas, the two are caught in the time it takes you to read this sentence. So let's tally up: of the six fugitives and one cleared ex-con from the beginning of this episode, one is dead, five are in custody and only T-Bag remains at large. Of course.

And now here's T-Bag carrying on about why Michael Scofield hates him so much. Hint: it's not because T-Bag's a kiddy-raping spree killer. It's because "we're the same. And he just can't stand it. Drives his ass crazy. We got the same brilliant mind, the same natural-born leader tendencies, the same one-in-a-million charisma. He thinks he can just look down his nose at me?" The coyotes in the front seat ask a few questions, and one points out, "If I was you, I'd forget about this Scofield. You have plenty of money, si? I mean, how much money do you have in that bag?" T-Bag drops the Enemy Mind monologues and tells the coyote to mind his own business. The coyote does, in part because he and his friend have A) a concealed tire iron, and B) a plan to use said tire iron.

We cut back to Don Self giving Lincoln and Michael the sales pitch on retrieving Scylla. Linc's clearly open to it, possibly because he had an actual relationship with his dad beyond one rescue from an abusive foster home and a death scene in the backseat of a car. He's also thinking it's something that requires more than two people. Don Self promises help: he's getting the team back together! Linc's not at all thrilled at the idea of working with Mahone, but Michael says, "You're going to need Mahone to make this happen. He was working with Whistler." Don Self's all, "What am I, chopped liver?" Michael pursues the "you have to break into someplace" part of the plan, and Don Self admits, "The card has all the data on it, but it's encrypted. Once you get your hands on it, you're going to need to find a way to break into the One World Conspiracy's headquarters. It's the only way to unlock what's on the card." The One World Conspiracy is headquartered in Los Angeles, by the way. I look forward to the first time there's a car chase, all the people involved get on the 405 ... and then they're all stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic for 45 minutes. Michael sums up the whole situation: "So we've got a data card which could be anywhere, and we've got to break into a building, the location of which is yet to be determined. Simple enough." Don Self says, "You've broken out of two penitentiaries. I'm thinking breaking into a building isn't too far outside your wheelhouse."

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