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And now, Agent Blots Out the Sun has just forced his way into Pam Mahone's home, and his ears have perked up upon hearing Cameron shout, "Mom?" Oh, this really isn't good.

Fortunately, the producers have exercised unprecedented amounts of restraint and not shown us a woman getting tortured and/or killed (I know!), so we're able to go right to Chicago, where Michael's merrily flitting across the streets in broad daylight. So intent is he on his mission of finding Dr. Sara that he totally doesn't notice the cop car he's just stepped out in front of. Way to go, O fugitive of the Illinois correctional system. Anyway, Michael manages to find a working phone booth, and he calls Bruce Bennett, Dr. Sara's old family friend from season 2. He begs, "I'm looking for Sara, and right now, you're the only person I can think of who can help me." Bruce is cagey: "Meet me in front of the Drake Hotel in half an hour." Michael asks, "Please just tell me: is she alive?" Alas, he doesn't get an answer to that because those cops he jaywalked in front of have just drawn a bead on him. Bruce listens as Michael's arrested. Oh, this really, really isn't good.

Within moments, Michael's in an interrogation room being introduced to this season's sketchy authority figure, Homeland Security special agent Don Self. Michael Rapaport is playing Don Self, and I don't know if the My Name Is Earl set prematurely ages you or what, but holy cats, he's looking, um, weathered. Don Self gives us some background on Whistler -- a longtime freelancer with the One World Conspiracy, it turns out -- and babbles a little about how Whistler was going to give him a copy of Scylla. Don Self proposes a deal with Michael: He won't do a minute of time in prison if he can get Don Self a copy of Scylla. Michael leans forward and says, "All right. Sara Tancredi, last seen in Panama. If you help me find her, we've got a deal." Don Self bunts on that, and Michael coldly says, "Go find it yourself. Seems to me the U.S. government should have a little more reach than someone who's looking at major time." Don Self breaks it down: "To perform the operation, Michael, that would require signatures from about twenty different department heads. You want to bet at least one of them is One World Conspiracy? The only way this is going to work is via freelancer. Off the books." Michael will take a pass. Don Self mentions the fifteen-year jail sentence. Michael shrugs it off; either staying put in prison will be a pleasant change, or he'll just escape. Don Self cannily mentions the time Lincoln's facing, on account of shooting a guy in self-defense. Since Don Self's brokered a deal, Linc should be serving his time in the U.S. Don Self then slams down a bulky accordion file, explaining that it contains all sorts of notes on Scylla. And if Michael takes up the project, he'll have a chance to finish the work that dead Aldo Burrows started.

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Prison Break




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