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Michael and Mahone are under the boardwalk, down by the sea. Sadly, they are not on a blanket. Mahone explains, "Whistler and I went to that conference to get a data card. It's like the One World Conspiracy's black book. It lists all their agents, all their operations. They refer to it as 'Scylla.'" For those of you not up on your mythology: Scylla was a monster that lived on one side of a narrow strait. She had six necks and heads, and each was armed with three rows of teeth. Scylla also had a neighbor across the strait, Charybdis, a monster who sucked in tremendous amounts of water and spit it out to create shipwrecking whirlpools. Ergo, to be caught between Scylla and Charybdis is to be A) navigating two equally treacherous perils at once, and B) annoyed that Sting can't write a simple pop song without trying to convince you that he is smart and deep.

Anyway. The One World Conspiracy has a data card named Scylla. I'm betting we'll meet some vast data-sucking technology later in the season called Charybdis. Michael's two nemeses from last season were teaming up to get the card, and -- and Michael could not care less. He only wants the 411 on Dr. Sara. Mahone says, "I understand that. I want nothing more than to get home to my wife and my son. But that's not going to happen for either of us with the One World Conspiracy out there trying to kill us." There's some more hissysulking on Michael's part before we finally get to the main point of this conversation: Whistler will swap information about Dr. Sara in exchange for a face-to-face with Michael.

Moments later, we're all meeting in an alley and Whistler lays out his deal: "There's one more step [to accessing the information on Scylla] and that step involves breaking into a secured structure ... my book, the bird book, the one I lost in Sona, contained information that would have helped facilitate the break-in, but it can still be accomplished, with your help." Michael only wants to know about Dr. Sara. Whistler says, "Only thing I know for sure is that a week ago, some information came through the wire. Sara may have bought a bus ticket in Santa Fe." She's headed for Chicago. Whistler continues his sales pitch: "If Sara's out there, she's not safe. Nobody's safe. The One World Conspiracy knows we have the original card, and that's why Gretchen was the first to go." Insofar as Michael is concerned, anyone who shoots Gretchen is OK by him. Mahone makes a very moving and urgent appeal to Michael, saying this is his chance to bring down the One World Conspiracy and clear his name. But Michael's still in the middle of a tremendous snit: "I spent the last month thinking Sara was dead and it was my fault. If she's out there, I'm going to find her. That's all I care about." Whistler says urgently, "This can be done in a week, maybe less. At least let me show you the --" The inside of his head, it looks like, as a sniper's shot just took off the top. Michael and Mahone hastily dive for cover and scamper off before they too are taken down by Agent Blots Out The Sun. Bad news for Mahone: the agent got Scylla. But it's even worse news for Whistler, who will not be joining us in the season four caper.

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Prison Break




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