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Then it's off to beautiful Panama City, Panama, where Linc's peaceful morning in a caf├ę is interrupted by Michael calling to ask Linc if he's absolutely, positively sure that it was Dr. Sara's head in the box. Linc's reply can basically be distilled to: "I was looking at a severed female head in a box, Michael! I didn't take it out to check!" He also passes along the information that those high-spirited inmates at Sona finally managed to burn the place down in their latest riot. Michael's expression says volumes, but most of the sentiments contain language not fit for print. Suffice it to say, he's kicking himself for not just sticking a handful of forks in the microwave and clicking "Time cook: 5:00." He's also kicking himself for getting Sucre anywhere near the Sona mess. 'S'okay, papi. You can make it up to him later.

We then shift to the Arizona desert, a scant five miles from the Mexican border, where Bellick and Sucre are getting out of a truck packed to the brim with some of Mexico's more enterprising workforce members. As Bellick gets out, he sasses the coyote, and Sucre has to smooth things over. Oh, Bradley. It's nice to see that Sona taught you absolutely nothing in terms of when to shut your mouth. We see that the coyote dropped the two Sona escapees off outside an abandoned gas station, and Sucre immediately begins fretting because there's someplace he needs to be in a hurry. Bellick assures him that Ma Bellick will be there to pick him up -- "she's never let me down. At least, she hasn't yet." We then hear a car horn honking and a woman shouting, "Bradley! Over here!" Bellick begins jumping up and down joyfully and shouting, "Mom! Mom! I told you -- don't worry, you'll make it there!" He bolts over to the station wagon and he and his mom have a really emotional reunion. Brad Bellick: corrupt CO, Panamanian fugitive and mama's boy.

A few hundred miles to the west, Michael's surfing the Web at the Los Angeles public library downtown. He hits and finds a message from someone calling themselves 3.5nando asking him for a meeting behind the Santa Monica pier. Within moments, we've zoomed over to the pier and Mahone's swung by to say hi. Michael asks brusquely, "Where's your new best friend?" Mahone takes off the shades (regrettably, his floppy hat is still on, giving one the impression that he's taken time out from pruning the hedgerow for this meeting) and says, "I don't know about that, but he's not who you think he is. We're working together against the One World Conspiracy." Michael is all, "Please, then, to explain your association with girlfriend-beheading type?" Mahone tells Michael that Whistler's just using Gretchen, and if he really was part of the One World Conspiracy, he'd have shot Michael already. Michael gets to the point: he wants information about Dr. Sara. He shouts, "I want you to tell me right now, right here! Or we can get Gretchen on the phone." Mahone tells Michael that his mobile service provider doesn't quite have the range to reach the seventh circle of Hell, which is where Gretchen can presumably be reached. However, if Michael would like to follow Mahone to a deserted spot under the pier, they can continue their conversation.

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