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The last scene of the hour: Team Scylla loading a sooper-sekrit plane. Don Self sends them off with: "If you're successful in obtaining Scylla, you're not only avoiding jail time, but you can take great pride in knowing you helped dismantle this country's greatest threat to its democracy. If you're killed while doing so, a proper funeral will be provided. But if you try to escape, you will have no funeral. You will have nothing. You will be apprehended, and buried where we find you. I sincerely hope we understand each other." Michael leans in and says, "You better hold up your end of the deal." Then Team Scylla boards and takes off for episode #2.

Read our recap of the second half of the season premiere here. Make sure to check out our list of the most implausible Prison Break moments from the first three season. Then check out our post of lingering issues with the season premiere.

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