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The next scene is of Don Self's mobile waking him up. We get a shot of him reaching for the phone. It's on a bedside table, along with some eyeglasses, a watch and a prescription bottle of some sort. You think he's a pill-popper like Mahone? Or is there a heart condition we're going to learn about later? I can't imagine late-night phone calls help much. In any event, Michael says they're in.

The next shot is of Team Scylla all getting together. The only warm reunion is between Sucre and the brothers. Mahone's just hanging out by the window, looking as if he's gauging whether or not a jump out of it would kill him. Bellick grovels a little and Michael says evenly, "Sucre vouched for you. He says you came through for him down in Panama." The warm fuzzies dissolve once Sucre breaks the news as to who has Whistler's old bird book.

We cut to a shot of that book, as the coyotes look at it and discard it. Sure enough, they've beaten T-Bag and his fat little assistant, taken all their money, and left them to die in the desert. Amusingly, Team Scylla's asking, "Any idea where we can find T-Bag?"

Michael gives everyone his idea of a pep talk: "This is your last chance to back out. Because first on the list of things I can not guarantee you is your safety." We get shots of everyone's face: Mahone looks like he'd welcome death, but he's the only one. Michael continues, "We're all a long way from where this started, but what I can guarantee you is that if we do this thing right, we'll be close to where it ends: freedom. Finally." Also, Michael breaks the news that Dr. Sara's in. Oh, I'm sure Bellick will love that.

Don Self is now briefing the brothers -- "No games, and no stunts. Otherwise, you're going to see a whole different side of me." Linc mutters, "Likewise." The boys are set up with fake IDs, but Michael wants to go that extra step. He pulls up his sleeve and says, "There are some things you can't fake and some things you can't hide. Know what I mean?" Don Self looks at Michael's tattoo and asks, "How high is your threshold for pain?"

Answer: pretty darn high, as Michael's elected to get all his tattoos removed at once without benefit of any painkiller at all. And yet, in the next scene, Michael is still wearing long sleeves. Dang, writers -- you go to all the trouble to laser off Michael's tattoos in one go, why not let the man wear short sleeves for the first time in four seasons? Anyway, Michael's telling Dr. Sara he now feels much lighter. Yeah, when people are no longer joking about you referencing your navel as to the location of your car keys, it's a relief. Michael also tells Dr. Sara, "I don't know how we're going to take them down, I don't even know who they are, but I do know one thing: the One World Conspiracy is going to pay for what they did to you." Dr. Sara says she's up for that, so long as she and Mike are hanging together.

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Prison Break




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