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Previously on Prison Break ... well, why don't I let Michael tell you? We see the glowering, shirt-and-tie wearing guy giving some hapless target the Blue Steel, and then we go to his voice-over monologue. Here it is, almost verbatim:

My name is Michael Scofield, and I'm a fugitive. Three weeks ago, I was in a Panamanian prison. While I was there, I was approached by the [One World Conspiracy]. The [One World Conspiracy] is a corrupt organization involved in all levels of industry and government. They gave me two options: break one of their men, James Whistler, out of that prison, or else they would kill the only woman I ever loved. [Note: here is when I paused the TiFaux and said, "So, Sucre's still got a shot?"] Dr. Sara Tancredi. I held up my end of the deal, and I broke Whistler out. But the [One World Conspiracy] killed Sara anyway. I don't know why the [One World Conspiracy] wanted James Whistler out of prison, but I've tracked him here, to Los Angeles. He's with another [One World Conspiracy stooge] I know only as Gretchen. The same agent who murdered Sara. This ends today. I came here seeking justice. The justice I now know the system cannot provide. So if you're reading this letter, you'll know I died avenging Sara's death.

Michael picks up the little origami rose he made for Dr. Sara three seasons ago and heads off. Based on the elaborate collage he's got on his wall -- always a sign that someone's up to no good -- and the camera's long, lingering shot on an invitation from Stampede Industries, I'm thinking Michael's off to crash the reception and quite possibly cause something that'll cause the speakers (scheduled from 9 to 10 p.m.) to be delayed.

We then cut to a shot of the Roosevelt Hotel in downtown L.A. Our favorite One World Conspiracy stooges are pulling up to it -- Mahone's playing driver, while Whistler and Gretchen (aka "Susan B. Anthony") are in the back. Gretchen's changed her hair. I'm not sure I dig it -- it looks a tad soccer-mom on her, and I'm not sure that's a look that works when you're merrily executing people in cold blood. Anyway, we establish that Whistler's job is to get a data card, drop off it off via a racing form, then get the heck out of the hotel. Mahone fishes for the name of the contact, and Gretchen smacks him down with "The One World Conspiracy wants the card back, period." Before I can get too distracted by Gretchen's new makeup job, I realize that Whistler's also altered his appearance by shaving. It's a good look on him. Gretchen thinks so too: she leans in and says, "You pull this off, you can come up to my room later and the word 'no' won't be in my vocabulary." Instead of thinking of all the requests he could make -- "Will you buy me a Saab?" "May I have a pony?" "Can you reconcile my ex-girlfriend to me?" -- Whistler dully replies, "Just make sure we get paid." Whistler is not that creative a thinker, is he?

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