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Spencer and Toby visited The Grunwald in Ravenswood to ask about her connection to Alison back in her GZX days, but the Grunwald was too busy being creepy to help much. Later, Tobes got mad when Spencer -- bored with being in his storyline about his dumb dead mom -- finally spilled the beans to the Liars about how he basically never left the A-Team.

Wren Kingston hit an impasse when Mona (correctly) deduced that he is a Redcoat minion -- and in fact, the same one that got Veronica Hastings thrown off Ashley's defense in the Wilden murder, and Mona herself tossed back in Radley. Meanwhile, Ashley got out on bail thanks to Pastor Ted, but is probably on her way back in. Hanna's been going nuts about all this -- and has no idea Caleb is leaving for Ravenswood. (She did, however, meet a dreamboat new boy from the blue-collar world of gas stations.)

CeCe Drake maybe tried to murder Jenna and is definitely spying on everybody wearing both the red and, at times, the black. When a homeless Emily was temporarily relocated to Alison's old bedroom, she discovered Redcoat's shivery crawlspace hiding spot, and the Liars learned that Ali and CeCe shared quite an intimate bond. Emily and Paige decided to wait out the clock in bliss, rather than worrying about the messiness of their impending breakup.

Meanwhile: Aria has so many boyfriends! Whatever will she do.


Hanna: "If they're announcing Travis on the news as a witness in the murder, they must believe him. So then why bring in my mom for a lineup?"
Aria: "I guess like procedures?"
Hanna: "Yeah, but what if A gets to him and shuts him up?"
Aria: "Come on! Nobody is that unlucky. Except, I guess, all of you."

A package has arrived, addressed to all the Liars: Four Magic Eight-Balls in a satin-lined case, with a customized message. "If she goes free, you'll hear from me. Kisses -- A." Aria's is just the last letter, which seems fitting. She actually seems kind of bored by all this, which I love. More so, I love the fact that A is just blatantly admitting that she's culpable for the murder and needs the Liars to make sure Ashley stays framed. Isn't that what A is saying? It's not, "Because fucking with your mom is funny" or anything like that, it's straight-up: "If you foul this up for me, there will be consequences."

Aria: "So. CeCe's coming for us?"

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