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Piste Off, Or: The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway
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Spencer's intention to protect Emily from Alison's bullshit led to one very terrified Alison on the run without money or visible support -- especially after A chased Shana out of town, possibly for good. Ezra is some kind of freakin' Bond villain now that has you on blast wherever you are and whatever you are doing, which does make him seem like A who is also into those things, but maybe he is and maybe he is just a disturbed individual with a weakness for the soft flesh of children. Also, Spencer had a waking dream of a parallel universe where everything was awesome, but she's still on drugs so she's having a tough time remembering what is real and what is merely the awesome of a bygone era.


Spencer wakes up faceplanted on Ezra's desk at school, wearing her pajamas and zero shoes.

Ezra: "Spencer? It is time for school, not for sleeping in school. Go home and start over."
Spencer: "I am a little confused."
Ezra: "Are you confused that I will murder you? Please just put that random Diary away and go put on some weirdo outpatient clothing so we can have school."
Spencer: "Why did I sleep at school?"
Ezra: "Because you are on drugs. It might be a problem. Or maybe the problem is that you are onto me and I have to murder you."
Spencer: "Maybe they are both problems."


Hanna: "Spencer, good morning. Quick question, why are you wearing a weird hoodie and shower shoes? Emily and I both look very glamorous, for comedic juxtaposition."
Emily: "Spencer, did you... Have an accident?"
Spencer: "You sure got there in a hurry. No, the answer is not that I wet myself, the answer is that I am having a meltdown. I found these clothes in the lost and found. The shower shoes I got out of my gym locker."
Emily: "This meltdown, is it related to you butt-dialing me at four AM?"
Spencer: "I don't remember doing that either. I guess I was just sleep-driving."
Emily: "Remember that time Jenna Thing drove me all over town and she was blind?"
Spencer: "Ezra Fitz acted like a murderer at me and maybe kidnapped me. I think we should definitely tell Aria that her old/new boyfriend is a killer of ladies."
Liars: "Why would we do that? That's a terrible idea. Let's just keep it a secret from her until we are sure that she is dead."

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