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Caleb's gone to Ravenswood, Aria will flip Jake for Ezra heartily any day of the week, Spencer's determined to take Radley -- and possibly her father -- down, and A has Ali's Diary... and now, possibly, Alison herself. Why is she back and why can't she figure out who A is after all this time? Perhaps she should ask her vast array of parrot, psychic and Halloween Store informants... Or maybe she is just dicking with the Liars like she did back when she was alive, and then dead, and then alive again which is now.


Aria: "Grab your butts and get in the car. We're following that faulty GPS that always tries to kill us to that B&B we told A about and now A is telling us about."
Liars: "But in the time it takes us to respond to that text from A, won't A have killed her?"
Aria: "Then why would A send us a text about it? That would be so creepy of A to do!"

Inside the room to which they've been led, the Liars find evidence of a brutal scene! Windows ajar and rattling, a door swinging on a hinge. Alison-type clothing tossed about with abandon. Messages scrawled creepily on doors, answering questions before they are asked.

Liars: "Maybe she fought A off and this was another fruitless journey."
A: "Or maybe you are too late! Hahaha!"
Liars: "I don't even get what's happening right now."


Emily: "Me? I'm just dropping off baked goods for a bake sale. You know how Pam is, always sending me to dark abandoned holy places."
Hanna: "I just wish I knew what the point of all that was."
Emily: "I'm more creeped out at this point by simple things. Like for some reason just thinking about Alison being in that motel room, not dead, and then possibly getting murdered. Or not being there at all, and it's just ghosts."
Hanna: "You think it was a setup."
Emily: "It definitely had A's flair for the dramatic. Hang on, I am being menaced by shadows. I'll call you back."


Spencer: "Dad? How did you know I ran away to this studio apartment?"
Peter: "I didn't. I wasn't looking for you, come on. Who are you, Melissa? No, I'm looking for Toby in between changing my mind back and forth about Radley Sanitarium a million times. But instead, you can come home right the hell now."

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