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Future Starts Slow

"You know, during the last year of my father's life, he forgot he even had kids. He kept thinking I was his brother Tommy, who was killed in Guadalcanal. It was tempting to play along with him. To pretend I was this uncle that I'd never met. How's Corinn?"

But Justice Diane Nash's partner's name is Corrine. Kor-EEN. It's relevant.

Diane: "And you and I have exchanged maybe a hundred words, before this sudden sympathy."

Garcetti stumbles, as she knew he would, into quite a blunder. Head-on into the breach with this woman already ten steps ahead of him.

Garcetti: "You must want to spend more time with her, before..."
Diane: "...Htt. My retirement is not a conversation you're entitled to, Mr. President. Neither personally nor constitutionally."

He's been watching, waiting to strike. It comes fast when it comes.

"And if I said I was considering Elaine Barrish to replace you? She's your protégé, Diane. It would be like having you on the bench for another thirty years..."

Which is, of course, why the Senate Republicans would block it instantly, but he's thought that one through: "Zelkovic would start a circus, but Pike's reelection hinges on Elaine's core constituency. Shaw uses Pike as a fig leaf, she gets out of committee eleven to seven. We predict 85 votes on the floor... if we act quickly."

"It's either Elaine now or someone more acceptable to the conservatives later," he says. "I'm talking about your legacy, Diane," he says. "About our legacy."

What they want is a War Between Women so nobody can see what they're doing. If they didn't have you hating your body and your strength and your voice all the time -- if you didn't hear them telling you to quiet down and be less proud and be less angry, right there in your own head -- you'd start a fucking riot. The future would start very fast indeed.


Has meanwhile leaked this story to Alex, who summons Susan and presents it to her like a cat with a headless pigeon.

Susan: "Garcetti's pre-emptive strike. Why don't you give it to Georgia? You're still screwing her, right? Most people show preferential treatment to the people they screw. You do the opposite. I find that upsetting."

It's how he stays clean. Think about it.

Alex: "Garcetti's supposedly squeezing Justice Nash off the high bench..."
Susan: "Well, maybe Nash wants out? She's in her 70s and her partner was just placed in assisted care..."

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