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The Woman Problem

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Future Starts Slow

Elaine: Has no answer for that. She still reads her like a book.
Diane: "And that speech just now. You running for something, lady?"
Elaine: Has no answer for that. We swim with sharks, the both of us.

Diane's partner's name is Corrine. Kor-EEN. That's relevant too.

Diane: "I saw her... for a split second yesterday, she didn't recognize me. That day is coming. And that is the day I just dread."
Elaine: Has no answer for that.
Diane: "Watch out for Garcetti. He's watching you. Getting ready to strike."

Nobody's ever won a primary against the incumbent. It would threaten too many agreements, too many structures, for us to allow that to happen. So many handshakes in dark rooms, so many favors to call in down the line and it would all evaporate. The whole thing would fall apart.

A woman's never won against a man.


Alex calls on Susan: She and Barrish are such 'buds' these days, she'll know. She running for something, Lady?

Susan: "Cocktail chatter. As long as Elaine Barrish is alive and popular, people are gonna be afraid she's gonna run for President. Doesn't mean it's true. That's not the story yet. It will be the story, I'm a political animal, but it can't be the story yet. There's still four episodes left. For now, the story is that Garcetti's watching her. Getting ready to strike."

Georgia puts up a hand -- so timidly, after all she's been through; with all these sharks at the table -- and doesn't put it down.

"I was shopping in Georgetown and noticed there are two bus systems servicing the area. The regular Metro buses and the Georgetown Local circulator. Which I believe is better maintained because only white people use them..."

She takes too long, loses her momentum. Susan watches her, privately at war, and waits for the hammer to drop. "Bitch" is just the word we use because we don't have any other words for it. Because at no time in human history have we actually needed a word for it until now.

Alex: "You don't do investigative pieces, Georgia. T.J. Hammond is opening a nightclub, there's gotta be something in there for the blog. Um, let's get back to sports..."

Back to sports, he says, and Susan bites back a sneer. Georgia leaves and Susan watches her follow, and just for a second she's not Alex's mistress anymore, not even an idiot anymore. Just somebody who hasn't learned the game yet. For a second she hates Alex more than Georgia. And then she's gone.

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