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The Woman Problem

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Future Starts Slow

Not too timid, not a bitch. Not too hard, not too soft. And we won't need a word for "bitch" at all, because nobody will need to apologize for existing in the first place and we can breathe.


And it starts like this:

Doug: "Why didn't you tell me about the Rachel Silverton interview? You did all of it on purpose! You let the country blame you, you let me blame you, Jubal said you..."
Bud: "Well, Jubal doesn't know shit, except when it comes to polling. And if he says I can't be on your mother's campaign that means you're going to quarterback. Now, the first thing you got to do..."
Doug, a boy again: "-- We need to put together a war chest, on the sly, all right? We need donors we can trust..."
Bud: "...That's right, and you be sure to get in touch with Hal Linderson in Colorado. Now, you tell him you want a sit-down, but you don't say why... Max out contributions to Bertoldo's campaign in the fifth in Virginia, discreetly. Use our own Italian wunderkind to upset Garcetti's hold on the Catholics..."

A reconciliation, a campaign, a country: Bud Hammond doesn't really care what shape it takes. He just loves the sound it makes, when he's got it working again.


Weeping when Susan spots her. There's a war within the woman and Susan loses. So she wins.

Susan: "First rule of being a female journalist..."
Georgia: "Don't sleep with your boss? Look, I get it..."
Susan: "No. If you shit where you eat, don't cry about it."
Georgia: "Like I can help it!"
Susan: "Learn to."

Be brave. Be rigorous.

"You want to be taken seriously? Take yourself seriously. Your bus story, it's good. Go fight for it, get it back and then write the hell out of it. Don't let anyone take away your story. Especially if you're blowing him."

Georgia: "Thank you. After everything I've done to you... I can't believe you're still so nice to me..."
Susan: "I'm not so nice, Georgia."

Nobody ever is; there are a million different definitions for war. Elaine calls then, and Russ comes to tell her that she's waiting downstairs. He babbles, at length; he's still young enough that it's cute.


And hands it to Susan like a cocktail, standing on the sidewalk outside.

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