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The Woman Problem

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Future Starts Slow

"...You'd better win, Elaine."


Drag her roller-cart all the way to the street, hauling it herself with her 70-year-ass still in operation. She'll take the car home, to the apartment; she'll take a bath and dress herself in Corinne's favorite color. When you feel your worst, you have to look your best. She'll go to the hospital and sit down; flop-sweat like she'll float away. And Corinne will open those beautiful eyes and say a name.

Maybe Corinne will know her. Maybe she won't. But either way, know this:

The next time those heavy double-doors open, Justice Diane Nash will be standing there, ready to tell the President what he can and can't do. She'll sit the high bench in all black and her back will be straight; she will be brave and she will be rigorous. And she'll smile.

Two years is nothing -- the future starts slow, but comes fast -- and then President Barrish will name her replacement. They'll become a part of history together. The victors of just another failed war on women; humble parts of a legacy of bravery and rigor and an engine moving more smoothly and elegantly than it ever has.


Is that Elaine can win. Simply that. In the end, Jubal says, it's about three trick states: Ohio, Colorado and Virginia -- and even in that state, really just about a few battleground counties. Prince William, Fairfax, Madison...

Bud: "That's my backyard! I'll tie this state up in a nice, pretty bow! But Ohio is going to be tough now, the whole family'll have to press the flesh in the old Buckeye State..."

Doug meets Jubal's eye, and nods: Go for it. Not the whole family, no.

"Voters only like her... without you. It's not that they don't like you, it's just that they think you make her look weak."

Bud glitches out for a moment, like a rotor that can't catch and thinks about blustering through, but finally he swallows it. It feels good for Doug to see this; it feels terrible for Doug, seeing this. Bud nods to himself and decides to toast the news outside, on the porch.

T.J.: "Jesus, did you see his face?"
Doug: "Don't fall for it, T.J.. He brought this on himself..."
Jubal: "Uh, your father would crawl through glass for your mother."
Doug: "My father is a liability, in case you forgot the last election."

Jubal finally explains what Bud loved him too much to ever say. Even though it bound him up in knots, when it finally came down to it. Even though Bud misjudged his dismount and wound up hurting his son worse:

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