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The Woman Problem

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"I never needed you to look after me, Douglas, but it'd be nice if you'd been man enough to save your mother from this train wreck! She deserved a bold, earth-shaking, barnstorming campaign that redefined politics and galvanized the nation! And what did she get? A reheated, poll-tested shit sandwich served up by the likes of Barry Harris. And you stood right by and let him. Go ahead, blame me. Blame me for everything like you always do."

"Blame me," Bud Hammond told his son. He was pleading with him. It didn't work. It didn't work properly, the engine that Bud loves best; something broke. Something that still isn't fixed.


Because she knows she's got to earn back a serious amount after this latest thing. Her fierce little daughter, stubbing out cigarettes and growling to herself without a single hair out of place. She knew why Elaine loved Bud; anybody could see it, but Margaret could see it best because she'd faced down that glare every day of her wonderful life.

We don't want our children to fail, exactly. We just can't admit that part of us wants them to burn the motherfucker down. Because we couldn't quite manage it ourselves.

Margaret: "You're smoking? Uh-oh, what country isn't going to exist by morning? Or are you celebrating your Supreme Court offer?"
Elaine: "Feel free to come to the State Department and eavesdrop there as well."

Margaret nods and smiles to herself. Elaine doesn't work unless she's got something to hit and she'd never hurt Diane Nash. The wars we have with women who mother our children; that exquisite, particular jealousy. That stinging gratitude. Elaine needs something to hit, and it can't be a woman. That's what the fuckers want.

Margaret: "You know, you keep talking about Diane Nash this, and Diane Nash that... I don't know, she seems like a real downer to me."
Elaine: "Her partner is dying, Mother."
Margaret: "I was talking about the way she dumped all over your plans for becoming President."
Elaine: "Didn't you dump on them first?"
Margaret: "A campaign would just turn everything all upside-down around here, that's why I said what I did. But you're never satisfied, sweetie."

That's when I love you best. Don't tell.

"Even though you hate all that campaign bullshit as much as I do, you'd be miserable if you didn't go for it. And when you're miserable, we're all miserable. So I think we should just bite the bullet and you should go for it."

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