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Which she won't, because -- they both realize -- Susan and Secretary Elaine Barrish are very much the same. A burden falls off Alex's shoulders -- was this self-sabotage, was this the Georgia thing, was this Susan being crazy -- and he falls, relieved, into her arms. She's been living at her sister's place since she left him, she admits. And when he asks her to come over to their house for dinner, her mouth says, "Shut up."


By the time they get back to Jubal's shack. Bud's sanguine as ever, playing with his tackle; T.J.'s nowhere to be seen. He doesn't need a goddamn babysitter, Bud thinks, but Dougie knows better. Doug, who owes his mother for the money he put down.


Estimate, as it turned out; Doug woke up serotonin-deprived and anxious, checked the clock, hurriedly pulled on slacks while Anne was still waking up. Well past call time. He shoved T.J. and his lovers aside into a little ball, and sat on the couch beside them, hurriedly clicking at his phone, eyes darting up at the television.

Silverton: "Is it possible that many women don't respect your wife because you haven't respected her?"
Bud: "Rachel, I admit I was wrong. Elaine does have a Woman Problem. I think some girls feel threatened by a woman as intelligent, as accomplished -- and hell yeah, as beautiful -- as my wife. And that's why they feel more comfortable voting for her rival, who's inferior in every single way just because he has a pretty head of hair and a penis."

He turned to the screen. "Yeah, you heard me right," he said. Bud Hammond said, into the camera, "I said penis."

T.J. apologized. He wasn't always the good one, but he was useful. Loved his Daddy. But so did Doug, back when we were young enough that it was still cute.

Doug: "There isn't a chance in hell now that anyone with an ounce of estrogen is gonna vote for Mom..."
Bud: "Oh now you weigh in, my no-show handler? Why didn't you tell me she was lesbian? She sure seemed like one to me..."

Doug pulled up short, tired of the doddering old fucker act and shoved his father in the chest: "You can't stand that Garcetti might replace you as the face of this party, so you and your massive ego are destroying this campaign!"

If you were listening carefully, you might have heard Bud walk the tightrope; you might have heard him explain that he was saving Douglas and Elaine from each other. It's not that we hate our families it's just that we'd rather hate ourselves than let them hurt. If you were listening on that day, you might hear his explanation. It wouldn't have satisfied you -- Let Barrish Be Barrish; you can't make decisions for women without involving them -- but it might have saved Doug:

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