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The Woman Problem

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Future Starts Slow

Elaine: "Why didn't you tell me I was your golden parachute?"
Diane: "I didn't want to get your hopes up. A seat on the Supreme Court, I thought you'd jump at it..."
Elaine: "Can't you see he's playing us against each another?"
Diane: "Of course I can. But forget about the politics for a moment and think. Consider what you could accomplish..."
Elaine: "...Why aren't we talking about what I could accomplish as President?"

It's not that we want our children to fail, exactly. We're just afraid it'll kill us if they do.

Diane: "You'll be a pariah. You remember your last campaign? They branded you as an ambitious bitch. If I hadn't known you I would've believed them."
Elaine: "Do you want a President who would force a Justice like you off the bench? It's ruthless..."
Diane: "Elaine, these last two years have been good for you. Garcetti may be a bastard, but he let you do your thing. Let the world see the heart of that brilliant 22-year-old girl who walked into my law class determined to make this country a better place. If you challenge the sitting President, voters will see your motives as selfish. I know it's not fair, but... ambition looks better on men."

You could puke for days and the future still won't come fast enough.

"I don't care how it looks, I'm doing it because it's right. I learned it from you."

But you didn't learn everything, did you? You didn't get broken enough to fix yourself yet.

Diane: "This isn't Garcetti, Elaine. It's me. Your friend. I'm offering you the chance to spend the rest of your life telling Presidents what they can and can't do."

Having the last word, you mean.


Alex: "Nothing in my inbox, nothing in your hands. Where's my story?"
Susan: "Didn't write it. I need to talk to you. I told Barrish about the leak. I needed to warn her. Just hear me out, Alex..."
Alex: "...I mean, I should fire you..."
Susan: "I needed to give her time to outmaneuver Garcetti. Listen to me, the Secretary is gonna try to unseat Garcetti in the primary. First-person source inside the Hammond family. This is real."

"Tipping her off builds trust," Susan says. "It puts me deeper in the inner circle," she says, "And gives me a front seat to the political story of the decade."

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Political Animals




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