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A seduction, a campaign, a reconciliation or a country: He loves, he rejoices in the beauty and elegance of making things work again. There is no sexier quality in a man, much less a leader.


When she asks how long before the story runs. She's grateful, sure. But there's always a cost, isn't there. There's a reason -- and somehow Susan knows it -- that she would need to hear this now. There's a favor about to be traded and asked.

Susan: "I can't guarantee it won't get leaked elsewhere first. A Supreme Court nomination is big news, but when it's you, it's... huge."

Elaine nods, so Susan gets braver. Douglas told her about the campaign because he was afraid, and now she's the only person outside the family that technically knows about it. Which means every time she speaks to Secretary Barrish, there's a chance she'll have her back. Intimacy is a sign of respect, but it's also the only sign of trust. Especially among animals.

Susan: "Puts you in a tight spot. If you say yes, Garcetti removes the threat of you running against him in the primary. If you say no, you confirm you're running. Or thinking about it."
Elaine: "Is this the part where you ask me if I'm running for President, Ms. Berg?"

Nope. This is the part where you know I'm begging you to tell me without asking. So I'll know the war is over. This is the part where I know I can trust you and you can trust me too.

Elaine: "...Then why are you telling me this?"
Susan: "I owe you? And I don't approve of what they're doing. Shoving one of the greatest Justices off the bench, using your friendship as leverage... even by White House standards, it's... gross."
Elaine: "...And a little genius."

You're not getting in that way, my dear. Try another door. We aren't going to sit around sucking our scratches and complaining about politics and men and how we have to divide up the oxygen they leave us just to stay alive, because that's how the system has designed itself. That's for the Fourth Estate. I actually have to live here.

Fine. "I'll hold the story off as long as I can," she says. "But when this breaks," she says, "Every reporter in the world will want to know your answer." If we live and die by the same sword, bitch, then you'd better believe I'm the only reporter in the world you're gonna talk to about it.


When T.J. hooks a fish; the line is going wild and the sun is getting brighter.

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