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Second Time Around

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Second Time Around

Present. Thomas gets a bit of finger-wagging from his grandma for making them all worry about him. It doesn't last long and then they're going through boxes of her old stuff to find sheet music from her "Vegas days." She wants the two of them to perform a number at Doug and Anne's engagement party. It must be horrible, sometimes, to be related to musically inclined people.

35,000 feet in the air. Daniel from Ugly Betty approaches Susan. He's surprised to see her, considering how much the Hammonds hate her. They banter a bit. He's Gary, a fellow journalist and a philanderer. When Bud summons Susan for a chat in private, Gary assumes panky of the hanky variety will be involved. Thankfully, Bud mostly just wants to talk about how awesome Skype is and how much he loves playing Words With Friends. Of course, since this is Bud Hammond, he also has to be gross. He makes a leering comment about green M&Ms and says something about "ladies who like a stiff one" when Susan asks the flight attendant for vodka.

Morning. Elaine has finally had the chance to wash the Bud off her and change into clean clothes. She gets to her office just in time to see Vice President Weasel-Face talking to the press about the hostage negotiations. He basically blabs all the details, which necessitates changing the venue from the prearranged meeting site in Oman. Elaine calls him up and calls him out for being the pissy little shit that he is. Doug is a little stunned. He presses his mother, knowing that something more is going on here, judging by her actions over the last few days. "I'm sick to death of the bullshit," she says, "and of the egos and of the men. I am sick of the men." She goes on ranting for a bit, then tells her son that she's going to run for president again. He brings up all the political reasons this is crazy--like it being only two years into her own boss's first term-- but has to put the personal reasons on hold when the Sultan of Oman calls.

Margaret and Thomas are still looking for appropriate engagement party music. Margaret lands on "Second Time Around," even though it's a poor thematic fit for Doug and Anne. It's... it's almost like she read ahead in the script and saw that she would be singing while her divorced daughter and ex-husband are dancing! Margaret talks about falling in love with a trumpet player in Vegas. She talks about his "embouchure." "It's a horn player's bread and butter," she explains to her oddly confused, musically trained grandson. "The mouth, the lips... the buzzing they made with they blow." Before she can go on about the killer hummers he gave, the doorbell rings. Deliverymen have arrived with flowers for the party and need a check, which Margaret writes out. Seems like the kind of thing that Elaine would have an account for, but then Thomas wouldn't be able to steal a check from his Nana's purse.

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