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Elaine wakes up in the morning and gets dressed as if for a funeral. Gone are the lavender puff sleeves and the skirts that look as though they were made from a motel bedspread. She wears all black and sits down to compose her resignation letter by hand. As she writes about her loyal staff, the scene cuts briefly to Doug returning home to his sleeping fiancée. As she writes about the problems she'll leave behind, the scene changes to Bud and T.J. leaving the hospital amid the clamor of waiting reporters. She writes about the nation's reputation and we see Susan sharing her young niece's very pink bedroom.

We hear the end of the letter from Doug as he reads it aloud later in her office. It talks about not sharing the President's values, which is going to sound strange to the public after they were basically unified over the Chinese sub rescue. Their "parting of the ways," as Elaine puts it, would probably make more sense if we'd actually seen real strife between them. From what little we've seen, Garcetti always ended up going along with her. Plus, did she seriously expect to always agree with the President? Doug thinks the letter is great and goes off to show it to the Under Secretaries.

The little weasel then runs straight to a public park to hand over a copy to Susan. How is nobody noticing this? It's like when Clark Kent frets over people discovering his secret identity as if he doesn't already constantly reveal himself to perfect strangers. They stand around talking about how sleeping together was a mistake. Susan gives him a kiss on the cheek. "Goodbye, Douglas. You're still a good guy. Even if you betrayed your mom, screwed around on your fiancée... somehow you are still a good guy." Doug stands around looking guilty and dumb as Susan walks away.

Susan goes back to the office and shows the letter to Georgia. Georgia, of course, wants to go to press with it immediately. Susan explains all the reasons why they should wait. Something about credibility and crafting a story and blah, blah, blah. Georgia blinks and smiles and pretends to go along with it.

Elaine meets Garcetti on the tarmac next to Air Force One and gives him the letter. "I'll leave the timing of the announcement to you, sir," she says. They talk about Collier's blackmail. Elaine hears for the first time that Garcetti wasn't involved, as she'd thought. He tells her about Bud beating up the Veep over the news. "My Bud punched the Vice President?" Elaine asks, a little impressed. "Right up in the Oval," Garcetti says. Sounds... dirty. Garcetti doesn't read Elaine's letter, but writes a simple invitation on the back: "Please run with me." He wants her to be his running mate for his second term. He points out that he signed the invite, just in case something hideously contrived should happen to him and she needed proof of his intentions. He playfully "orders" her to think it over while he's in Paris. She watches him hug his wife and son. She smiles like she's already accepted his offer.

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