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Christmas, 2011. The Hammond/Barrish family decorates for the holidays while snarking about Congressman Sean Reeves. He's on TV, being all staunchly Republican about some bill or another, and Elaine doesn't like him. T.J. kind of sticks up for him, while Nana is a fan of his abs. T.J. excuses himself from the rest of the evening, saying he's got a Narcotics Anonymous meeting to get to. Elaine tells her boy she's very proud of him. They hug and smile and it's very sweet. Enjoy it, because it won't last.

Later, T.J. plays Christmas songs at the piano while clad only in his boxer briefs. "I love it when you play," says a naked man currently lounging in a postcoital tousle on the couch. It's Sean Reeves. Sadly, he gets up and starts putting his clothes back on. "I can't stay. We're reconvening in an hour," he says. "Are you still deliberating? What are you holding out for?" T.J. asks. Sean says the bill goes too far and endangers more kids than it helps. All this political talk gets T.J. hot and bothered. Alas, Sean's wife calls and snaps them both back reality for a moment. Sean doesn't answer, but T.J. sees her picture on the caller ID. "She's pretty," he says. Sean gives T.J. their homey backstory of football and nerdiness. "Was it love at first sight?" T.J. asks. "I didn't know what love at first sight was, till you," Sean says. They start making out at the piano. The only "reconvening" tonight will involve their nekkid bodies.

Present day. T.J. tells his fellow N.A. members that December was the last time he was happy. He was six months sober -- the longest stint since coming under public scrutiny in the White House. He says Doug could handle the "fishbowl," but he couldn't. He escaped with drugs. "Good share," says a cute guy with carefully managed stubble.

Doug meets Susan at her sister's place. We don't get to meet the sister, who's been barred from meeting Doug because of the embarrassing childhood crush she had on him. If someone tried to keep me from meeting my childhood crush, there would be hell to pay. Nobody's keeping me away from Superman, man. Susan wants all the deets about Elaine's campaign. (She writes everything in a Moleskin notebook so you know she's old school.) Doug grouses that there hasn't been a campaign to speak of. For the past three weeks, Garcetti has had them doing globe-hopping busywork. Susan asks about Bud Hammond's new publicist, Mindy Meyers. "Word is, she was brought in to rehabilitate his image as a reckless womanizer." (A quick cut to an interview shows Bud nearly crying over a question about his ex-wife. Of course, he's also sleeping with his publicist, who is young and hot and who promises him a bump in his poll numbers. She forbids him going to T.J.'s club opening, lest Bud get himself photographed with some hot co-ed.) Back to the meeting with Susan: She wonders if it isn't a bad idea for T.J. to be opening a nightclub, but Doug says he got a chaperon for his brother. When Susan tries to pry for details about Doug's personal life, he shuts down. She reminds him of their deal and threatens to tell Elaine about his betrayal. He doesn't give in. She seems surprised and a little impressed. I bet they totally end up doin' it.

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