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Unusual Suspects
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You know the drill: You're being watched, thanks to Bench's brilliant invention and the Patriot Act. This episode once again starts with a surveillance recording that should mean something to us later. This one is a conversation between two guys. One says, "The call came in. We have a location on the target." The other, with a thick accent: "Get a team and I'll meet you there." First guy says, "We can handle this," then Accent says, "No. I want to be there in person. I want to kill him myself." Surveillance footage shows said murder in a convenience store. Then the episode starts on Carter, watching said surveillance footage in the store when Fusco comes in and snarks about mopping up a bodega shooting. But Carter tells him this was intentional homicide. And there's a witness on the video, too, whom the victim says something to before dying. They figure he'll make himself scarce instead of coming up against the gang who murdered this guy. Carter introduces Fusco to the Geico ad guy, whose name is Detective Szymanski. He's from organized crime, and he fills them in that the victim was a La Costa Nostra lieutenant named Benny who'd been out of the game for a couple years. Sound familiar? Apparently La Costa Nostra had been ordering hits on Russian mob lately (this is Brighton Beach, their territory), and word is this is retribution. And all they know about Benny's boss is his name: Elias. Carter says one of his guys took a shot at her last week (hey, I wonder how that DNA evidence is going?). Is anyone else confused about the fact that last week Elias's guys supposedly killed a La Costa Nostra guy, and this week, he's supposedly their boss? Szymanski says no one even knows what Elias looks like. And back to the witness? No one's been able to find him, and the owner seems to be in on it with the Russians. We all know who the witness is, though: Enrico Colantoni. Carter wants to get to this witness before the Russians do.

Meanwhile, JC's on a roof spying on Enrico and listening as Bench fills him in on who Enrico is. He's the latest Number, of course. His name's Charlie Burton. JC says he can see through his super binoculars that the guy's worried, but he doesn't see a threat. Bench keeps going: Burton's a high school history teacher in the Brighton Beach school district. He lives alone and has never been married. There's not much to go on. JC says maybe a student's after him, since teaching can be dangerous. Bench jokes that espionage must be much safer. JC's phone ring then. It's Fusco. Bench somehow listens in as Fusco tells JC about the witness they're looking for. JC thinks he's already found him, and Fusco says whoever did this hit is going to come looking for him. Cue black cars screeching up to the building, completely inconspicuous. Bench suggests leaving this to the authorities, but JC's already on his way in.

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