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At their fancy lunch, Keller's blathering on about how great it is to have "Mr. Partridge" with so many shares, blah blah blah. But Bench gets a text from JC that says they got the FDA report, so Bench comes clean. He says he's actually sold all his shares, after getting a tip that the shares were about to take a nosedive. Keller's indignant, but Bench goes on: He, in fact, shorted the company to the tune of a half-billion shares. (If you, like me, have no idea what this means, this explanation might help -- although even that is complicated. But thanks to forum poster tgrfan23 for the link.) Keller's pissed that Bench would bet against him, saying he clearly doesn't know who he's dealing with. Bench says he knows exactly what kind of man he's dealing with, and he pulls out a picture of Dana Miller. He says he knows the only thing he cares about is money, so that's what he's going to take from him: all of it. He tells Keller he was right about one thing, though: Bench will never have to invest in another company again. Well, if anyone was wondering how Bench can keep them both in fancy suits forever, this is a nice supplement to his Daddy Warbucks fortunes.

Carter finally shows up Sully's, but she finds him dead on his kitchen floor. Freshly dead, though, so that she manages to chase the shooter outside, while they're both shooting at each other. But he gets away before she makes it to the street. Fortunately, though, she hit him and he left a little blood in the doorway. We've got some DNA results, folks. Let's hope it's someone good.

JC's still driving Zoe, who still doesn't like what he's listening to. This time it's the news about Vertanen, and a competitor getting an inside tip. JC wonders if someone got a big payday, but she says it's not as big as you'd think, but Dana Miller's family got a healthy donation. JC exposits that he also heard Lieutenant Gilmore is facing corruption charges, so he must have crossed the wrong person. She tells him to keep his eyes on the road. They both sort of smirk. It's very cute. He lets her out somewhere in the city, and tells her to stay out of trouble. She says it's not going to happen, but he's got her number. He's got all your numbers, lady. They have excellent chemistry. I do hope we see her again.

Next week: Carter has a witness to something (Sully's murder? Vincent DeLuca's? Marlene Elias's?), and it's my forum moderating namesake, Enrico Colantoni. JC and Bench take him into their own version of witness protection -- which we all know is the best kind.

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