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Douglas interrupts before she gets to answer, though. Bench, meanwhile, is calling urgently for Mr. Keller. He tells the secretary it's urgent; a matter of life and death. Zoe tells Lawson and Douglas she emailed a copy of the Sylocet report to a friend, and that if anything happens to them, it goes public. Lawson offers them a deal: The first one of JC and Zoe who gives up the report gets to live. Back at the Library, the secretary finally puts Bench through to Keller. Just then, his recording clears up, and is back to Dana threatening to go to Mr. Keller. Lawson tells him this is his chance to tell the old man, and Keller comes in and asks how stupid she thinks he is that anything in his company could happen without him knowing it. Bench hangs up before Keller gets on the phone.

Keller also enters the room where JC and Zoe are tied up. He's not happy they're alive, but finds out she's emailed a copy to a friend. Keller tells her to be reasonable and make the smart play, like the Zoe Morgan he knows. She tells him she'll take him to the report, and JC look disappointed in her. She tells him that she told him to always have something to trade, then leans in and kisses him. While the men are all distracted by this, I guess, she slips a paperclip into JC's hands. Everyone leaves with Zoe except Douglas, who stays behind to kill JC. But his paperclip's already hard at work. Douglas tells JC not to be surprised, because Zoe's always looking for an angle. He fills up a syringe with potassium chloride, which stops the heart in minutes. "Quite humane, really." JC says that's Lucky for Douglas. He jumps up and uses the syringe in Douglas's own hand to kill Douglas. (Is this only JC's second actual kill, after Stills? Or have I missed someone?)

In the car, Zoe makes a phone call to tell someone she's on her way to the naval yard. She knows Bench is monitoring, so he will get there, too. Lawson takes her phone away. JC calls Bench, who fills him in on Keller, but JC already knows. He says Keller blindsided them, and so did Zoe, who's about to hand over the copy of that trial data to Lawson. Bench tells JC to be more trusting, since Zoe just sent her location. JC's on his way. And Bench is on his way... to lunch with Keller.

At the naval yard, Zoe points out Slip and tells Lawson he can go get it, or she can. But Lawson suddenly doesn't believe she's emailed that report to anyone at all. He thinks it's just on her phone. He looks through her email, and sees she sent it to and undisclosed recipient. He says that now she'll take it to the grave. JC busts in then, and knocks Lawson out. Then he snarks, "Migraine, huh? I hear they've got a pill for that now." I'm so glad he has a sense of humor. Zoe tells him he took his time, and he asks when she knew she would do the right thing. She says it was right before she slipped him the paperclip.

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