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As JC busts into Lawson's office, Zoe says he's probably one of those guys who can bust out of (in this case, into, actually, but since that lines foreshadowing more than anything pertaining to this moment, I guess we aren't supposed to notice) anything with a paperclip. She asks where he learned this stuff, and JC cracks his lovely smile (!!!). So soon? He tells her it's a long story. Inside the office, they see find Dana's history's all been deleted, but Bench tells him nothing's ever really deleted and he should use the recovery software. He does, and they find a file she accessed a dozen times in the days before she was killed. It's the clinical trial sheet for Sylocet. But one file is slightly larger. Six names are missing from the data they submitted to the FDA. JC sends the names to Bench, who finds they all died of heart failure within a year of taking the drug. Six people out of 300 is a two percent mortality rate. If a million people take it, math whiz Zoe fills us in, 30,000 people could die. Bench hears air conditioning in the room, and realizes that's what he's been missing on his recording. He leaves them alone so he can go figure out what the rest of the recording says.

Just then, Douglas busts in with a gun, and Lieutenant Gilmore. Zoe tells the Lieutenant that if she can't trust him, she'll have to kill him. But he's pretty sure she won't get the chance. He says he held up his end, because the cops will not be responding. He turns and walks away. Douglas smirks. Bench plugs in the air conditioning data, and can suddenly hear a bit more of the recording. Dana tells Lawson she's going to go to Mr. Keller. Bench tries to tell JC, but gets no response -- and sees the office is empty. Surveillance recording of Douglas calling Lawson and telling him he's got them both. Lawson's on his way.

Zoe and JC are in a pharmaceutical laboratory somewhere, tied up. Alone. She says he never told her his name, and he says, "My name's John." Zoe laughs. Because, there are only four million Johns in this country. He sort of smiles back at her. They're adorable. She asks how he knew she'd be in trouble, but he's not really telling much. He just tells her to consider a new line of work. She tells him he's one to judge. Plus he doesn't know anything about her. He tells her he knows almost everything about her. Which would be creepy if JC weren't a somehow charming stalker. He knows she grew up in a nice house in Yonkers, that her dad was snared in a corruption case and then she lived in a tiny apartment with her mom in Queens. The only thing he doesn't know is why she started doing whatever it is she does. She looks away, and talks about her dad's life as a politician. He did what he was told right up until he was arrested. She says the local press was camped out for weeks, until a guy showed up and got them to leave. She wanted to be that guy. The person who knows what to say, and always has something to trade. He asks what she's going to trade now.

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