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Back at the Library, JC can't find Zoe, which he thinks means Vertanen won't be able to either. Bench is engrossed in trying to get a clearer recording. He manages to do that by stripping the fountain sound he recorded in Lawson's office out of the recording (so that's where it was made). All of a sudden, they get another chunk of the recording. After "What we're doing is wrong," she says, "I wanna tell someone. It keeps me up at night knowing what our drug has done." A male voice tells her to be careful, then the rest of the recording is still a mess. But it's enough for them to know it wasn't an affair; she was threatening to be a whistleblower. Bench gets up and looks at his board of Numbers, and almost gets teary as he tells JC how much the Numbers haunted him before JC came along. This possibility of getting justice for just one of the people he couldn't save is huge.

Zoe's cell phone pops up on Bench's computer, and Bench tells JC not to lose her this time. He finds her in a fancy restaurant, where she's waiting for him. She realizes he was tracking her cell phone, then tells him she doesn't understand him and she doesn't like things she doesn't understand. He asks why she wanted him to come, then, and she says she can get some use out of him. She starts to fill him in on Dana Miller, but he already knows it wasn't an affair. She knows a little bit more, though: Dana Miller was transferred out of her job in clinical trials, and her access was suspended, five days before she was killed. When JC asks how she cam by that, she quotes himself back to him: "You have your people. I have mine." He guesses Zoe's going to try to cut a deal with Vertanen, but she says not this time. Because she knew this girl once who got a tough lesson in the way the world works. That kind of reminds Zoe of Dana. JC cuts to the chase: "Also, they tried to kill you." She asks him rather sexily if he wants to get out of here to do something illegal. Which are exactly the words a woman needs to utter to hook JC. He's in, obviously.

JC and Zoe meet with Lieutenant Gilmore. She tells him to make sure the police don't respond to a break-in later tonight at Vertanen Pharmaceuticals. He agrees, but says they're done after this. At Vertanen, JC's set up cameras so Bench can monitor everything and let them know when and where to go to avoid security guards. Bench tells them they're safe to go in, and Zoe asks JC if she'll ever get to meet his imaginary friend. JC tells her he's a very private person. Bench, in the Library, doesn't crack a smile. He just fills them in on a guard they must dodge. They clomp up the stairs and through the hallways and I have to wonder what kind of crack security Vertanen has.

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