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At the Library, Bench listens to the recording (which is the one from the opening of the episode, of course). So far he can't hear much because of interference. But the vintage of the static does tell him what type of network it's from, so he knows it's at least two years old. And he has enough of the woman's voice to narrow down her voice match to a woman named Dana Miller, who worked at Vertanen. JC congratulates Bench on the nice work figuring out Dana Miller was Lawson's office romance. Bench isn't exactly glowing. Because Dana's number came up back before he'd found JC. She was 27 and died of an aneurysm. JC says it wouldn't be so difficult for someone at a pharmaceutical company to make murder look like natural causes. Bench tells JC to get out there and find Zoe before Vertanen does. When JC asks what Bench is going to do, he says he has an important business meeting.

Cut to Vertanen, where Lawson's annoyed that Douglas has cleared his schedule for an appointment with a shareholder. So, shareholder meetings are handled by crisis management? Fascinating. Douglas says this guy isn't just any shareholder; he bought 87 million shares in the past forty-eight hours and owns eight percent of Vertanen stock. No one's heard of him before, so Douglas thinks he might be interested in a hostile takeover. He tells Lawson to handle him with kid gloves, and maybe they should "wheel the old man in." Is that any way to talk about the owner of your company? In walks, of course, Bench. Lawson greets him as "Mr. Partridge." (Not a finch, but a partridge, huh?) Then he takes him on a tour of the facilities. He tells him about the new product line they're launching, anchored by a just-approved revolutionary migraine drug called Sylocet. When Bench meets Lawson's father-in-law, Mr. Keller, he seems like a friendly enough old man. Keller tells him he's retiring next spring and Lawson's going to take over. He can't praise Lawson enough.

After their meeting is over, Bench gets a phone call, though it's not really a call but a cloned phone conversation between Lawson and Douglas. Douglas says the drive's recovered and Talbot won't be a problem, though he admits Zoe and the driver/bodyguard are loose ends. Lawson says that's not a loose end; it's the whole damn thing falling apart. Ah, foreshadowing. Douglas says he'll handle the driver and Zoe so nothing can connect them to this thing.

Sully gives Carter a call to tell her what he's uncovered on Carl Elias. He was a professional runaway who no one really got to know. Except, as Sully tells it, "some tough old bird named Gloria Recinto." He'd send her a Christmas card and money every year. Carter says she'll swing by and pick up the cards, which he says read like the guy was going to be president or Attila the Hun.

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